So Obsessed Saturday: Nearly Midnight Edition

This weeks so obsessed is slightly less conventional, but I would say even more important than nearly any other I have posted. I have been having some late night thoughts brought on in the rush of the freedom and bliss of summer that has brought me to the conclusion of the following:

A million times over I would choose a million unique experiences and adventures than a million dollars.

I began thinking the other day how much value we, as a culture, and therefore as individuals (whether we mean to or not) put on money. Outside of the numerical value that is required to be a functioning member of society, but really think of the value and the control that it has on our lives. We spend our time thinking often with that piece of paper in mind, it often dictates many of our life choices. But at the end of our lives, when we lie on our bed, surrounded (hopefully) by all those we love, we will be looking back on the great memories and experiences we have had. When did it become the social norm to live for money instead of living to live. Now I am not saying being financially secure isn’t important, but I think what we do with the security says a lot about us. Wouldn’t it be worth it to spend that money on experiences to know that something you earned brought you to something new?

Therefore I have reached the above conclusion. The value of adventure and experience has been vastly underrated in our society, however that doesn’t mean that it always has to be this way. Perhaps what I am saying is that instead of buying a brand new outfit with your bonus check (although there is nothing wrong with bringing yourself that happiness that comes with clothes that make you feel great about yourself, cause I love an amazing outfit as much as the next glitter obsessed gal) put some aside for that amazing trip that you think you are never going to take (and decide that you are going to) or even just grab a friend and try something new like paddle boarding or ordering something you can’t pronounce off of a menu. See the world around you, just so you can realize how much more there is to see.