So Obsessed Saturday: Macarons

Wow! It has been a while since I have done one of these, but worry not I have a ton of ammo for some new ones! After my recent travels around Europe, i have fallen in love with a new desert: MACARONS. Now these where the treat that I always saw in upper scale life-style television (GOSSIP GIRL) GGOMacaron

They always looked so cute and dainty, and I had always wanted to try them but had no idea what to expect. So while walking through London when my family came to visit me we passed a darling bakery with tons of them in the window. I asked my IMG_2601family what they were, as I thought that they were macarons and my mother said no those are always coconut, I’m not sure what they are. Quite spontaneously we decided to give them try. (Of course while in inside my mother found out the entire process and history of these dainty little treats, she’s such a social butterfly) Regardless, I had my first macaron experience and now I am SO OBSESSED (I’m so funny and ironic…haha)

They are the perfect mix of cookie and cream. It is basically a glorified Oreo, they are also pretty expensive which is the major downside…however you can’t take your money to heaven so you might as well spend it on macarons 🙂 When we went to Paris I got to try some world wide acclaimed macarons, needless to say I stopped at nearly every place that sold them just because. I felt quite Parisian in strolling around Paris eating macarons and sitting by cultural landmarks.

*and in my own mind I looked something like this…and regardless of the inaccuracy I will keep telling myself that :)*


However, in typical Emily fashion I bought some to bring back to London after our 4 day weekend…only to leave them on the plane. I even went to customs to see if they could retrieve them( but I am not going to lie, I was almost happy that they weren’t found because I was a tad embarrassed that I had gone through all that trouble of finding the aircraft and researching it, only to find that I had left some macarons, but are there ever lengths too far for an amazing desert?!)

Now back to the specifics. I never really knew what they were before I had tried them or even what I should expect them to taste like. Essentially it is a soft cookie as the top and bottom, and the outer-shell is very light and airy, but once you bite into it the filling is creamy and added with the crunch of the top it is the perfect little treasure.

*writer takes a snack break because she made herself hungry*

**there were no macarons so she ate Oreo’s which is the closest thing this broke college girl could find to class Parisian deserts**

Now the most infamous place to get macrons in Paris is Laduree…so essentially on my visit I also got to experience a Gossip IMG_2543Girl landmark, which was equally exciting as the macarons. And the inside was just as darling as the pastries they made. My friends and I purchased 20 of them for $34 which isn’t that bad and honestly was completely worth it.

IMG_2536 IMG_2537

Honestly as I am writing this I just keep getting hungry and also getting excited because macarons even look adorable. But I hope you have enjoyed my stroll (a slow one because I have been eating while hungry) down memory lane, I hope your weekend is blessed with delicious treats and even sweeter people to share them with 🙂 and just remember:


So Obsessed Saturday: SCANDAL

I am sure that it is no secret how much I love my TV series…usually on Netflix. Perhaps one of my all time favorite series that I stumbled upon is Scandal. This post is probably long over due because I have been quite obsessed for a while, but the opportunity presented itself because they just had the Season 4 finale.

If you need a new show to watch I would definitely check it out. (And if you don’t want it anyways because it’s awesome) I love crime shows, like everything from NCIS to Criminal Minds and Scandal is the perfect mix because there is also so much plot outside of the action. It is one of those shows where as you are watching a nice moment you are waiting for a bomb to explode or for someone to pass out from poison…and I love ever second of it!

Now there are many reasons why I love this show but I have to say that cast list is 53229_300definitely one of them. Kerry Washington is just absolutely amazing in her role as Olivia Pope (her character) is my spirit animal even though she isn’t real. She is the Miss.Fix-It of Washington DC and she knows how to use what she has and isn’t afraid of roadblocks…or really law for that matter. And when it comes to Fitz (ugh he aggravates me) it is so great to see her character progression because at first you can see how she will do anything for him and then she shows a great example of going after and only standing for what you deserve (which I know I can definitely take a lesson from)


Jake the B613 agent went to the good side is also a favorite because despite every reason Olivia has given him to run he still stays…ugh what a gem. Then there is always the President Fitzgerald who is really just…well I am not really sure about. Sure he loves Olivia but he’s also a cheater and you never really know what to expect from him. If you tallied pros and cons I am sure they would be even, but in the battle of Jake and Fitz I am definitely team Jake.

There is also a very distinct way that they speak which comes front he script as well as the style of actors, but I think it gives the show a ton of character. I wish I could explain it better, but I guess the best way would be that they use a lot of emphasis and repetition in order to create tension and I think it adds a lot to all of the intense moments.


In the most recent episode there were many plot twists. Fitz definitely got some brownie points from me for throwing out Mellie cause she killed some JURORS IN THE B613 case! Although I suppose in her defense she didn’t know that it was Rowan…but really Mellie always thinks she knows whats going on when she really doesn’t. Speaking of Rowan, I just love to hate him he is jet absolutely infuriating, but seeing him behind bars was absolutely satisfying. I did not expect Olivia to have her little run in with Maya, however I can’t say that she is my least favorite person. Sure she is an international terrorist who seems quite ruthless but somehow I haven’t found myself despising her yet.

Now for me the ultimate question lies in what will happen with Fitz and Olivia, (this final scene was one of those that I was waiting for one of them to drop dead from poisoning because those are the kind of things that happen in this move) even if they can somehow be together I am not sure that I want them to, they have so much passion but not enough normalcy. ( I am almost embarrassed at how emotional invested in this show I am, as well as the amount that I am able to analyze it on such a personal level haha) But I am sure there are some of you out there that will make me feel a little less crazy in your investment in the show! Let me know what you think is gonna happen and what you think of the finale?! (and of course Fitz or Jake?!)

So Obsessed Saturday: Green Tea

I have been planning on this one for quite sometime. I’m sure every health and fitness person has said green tea is the key to all things and can cure all things, or at least something along those lines. Well the truth is, green tea is so so so good for you! I have  began drinking it a ton this year (not much of a coffee or tea drinker usually, unless it iscup of green tea with mint pounded with sugar and honey…until now). So much so that it is really part of my morning routine, and I actually look forward to it. I love having it with me on my walks to class and tea bags last for a few servings so it’s perfect for me because I am usually on the run and it allows me to just reuse the same bag and just add more hot water!

There are a ton of great benefits and going to school in the tundra makes it an extra plus because it can make you feel all warm. And if you remember my previous So Obsessed Saturday about Kayla Itsines, she is huge advocate of green tea. It is recommended that you have 2 to 3 cups a day. Here are some fun facts about green tea, some area quite surprising!

1. UV protection: Not only has green tea and its antioxidant catechin been proven to help with skin in terms of wrinkles, but it is also great for an internal protection to UV rays!

2. Diabetes: It has been proven to help regulate glucose levels which can help keep blood sugar low after eating.

3.Cholestorol regulation:. the ECHG antioxidant in green tea is great to help limit the absorption of cholesterol ingot he large intestine.

4. Teeth: One of the many antioxidants found in green tea called catechin plays a huge role in helping to kill bacteria that cause throat infections and other dental conditions. So its great for your sparkly whites!

5. Cancer: Some studies also suggest that it can help lower the risk of certain cancers in those who drink it on a semi-regular basis.

6. Brain: Green tea is great for short term brain function. However it has also been shown that it can help reduce the risk of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s from developing in old age.

Simply swapping green tea in the place of other sugary drink can help you lost weight and stay more hydrated.

It is also important to know that green tea isn’t the only tea great for you so feel free to explore options! Sometimes I also like to drink chai tea or seasonal tea. See where the bliss of tea takes you!

What do you think of green tea or even just tea in general?!

So Obsessed Saturday: Pancakes

Here in Olean, New York, there isn’t always much to do. However, like in any little city there are little gems throughout the town, and today I got to experience one of the best: Sprague’s Maple Farm. This place is just any breakfast lovers dream, because their breakfast is off the chain (and I don’t use that phrase loosely, so you know this is the real deal!)

What makes this even greater is that I love pancakes,as in the path to my heart is paved with pancakes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 11.51.24 AM

Any time you order pancakes you automatically get an unlimited amount with your meal, which is quite sly on their part because it sounds so great – but you never have room in your belly fore more! So today I made a deal with myself that I would beat the house at their own game, and get an extra order of pancakes.

And that is what I did – because I am not a quitter. MY first order was three pancakes the size of my head, 2 homemade sausage patties (omg so yum), a plate of hash browns (also my favorite), and 2 scrambled eggs. the first set of pancakes I got where buttermilk and then on my second round I got 2 apple cinnamon pancake. And ladies and gentlemen that brings my grand total up to 5 head sized pancakes. So to say that right now I have a food baby would be an understatement, because it is more like twins.

photo 1photo 2

I don’t regret my over indulgent decision because it is nice to treat yourself, and being a college kid a great ‘home made’ meal is something that can’t be compared to. Thats why I love pancakes os much because to me they are a little piece of home. Over the summer I went through a huge pancake phase, where I would come home from work and my mom would be supermom and make me pancakes at 9 at night. Therefore they are my go to comfort food. The best is when the center gets a little soggy from the butter because it is melted, and there is maple syrup dribbled on top ( I used to strictly be a chocolate chip girl, but now I’m ‘mature’ …hardly)

Also being away from home, it is always nice to go out with your closest friends and enjoy a good hearty meal. That, to me, is one of the simplest perks of life, a meal. To really enjoy not only the food but the company that you keep. Although it is not the same as being at home, comfort food anywhere brings you just that: comfort, and the people around you who care can bring you that too!

So there you have it, a little obsession and a little heart and soul on this saturday! Let me know what your comfort food is below!

So Obsessed Saturday: Kayla Itsines


The great thing about social media is how many people you can stumble upon that you probably would not have come across otherwise! I have often expressed the struggle I come into when trying to find a workout plan over the offseason, as searching anything on the internet yields a million different, and often contradicting, bits of information.

However, a little while ago I stumbled upon an Australian work out champ, whom I think is great for anyone from a beginner to a pro to take a look at! Kayla Itsines, began personal training a few years ago, and the great thing is that she is so very real, as is the community that she has created. I don’t want this to come off as simply a promotional post because I want all that I write about to be truly honest; which is exactly how this is! She uses the real examples of people who have had success, and shows their transformations and the fact is that they are real people. It’s easy for some celebrity to endorse a workout regime when they have personally trainers galore. However, when real people have success I think that says so much more!


I feel comfortable enough with the workouts that I choose to do, because I think they really work of me, but sometimes I get a little lost when it comes to nutrition. However once I stumbled upon Kayla I have been gathering different tips and tricks that really help me. For example what to eat pre and post workout and what foods are good at disguising themselves as healthy, but in reality aren’t that great at all!

Her workout plan is called the Bikini Body Training Guide, that is a 12 week plan of workouts that you can purchase.There is also the HELP guide, which focuses solely on nutrition. However I didn’t feel that I was at a place that I needed to purchase either guides, so I just signed up for her free weekly e-mail updates and got a free week of wrokouts which is awesome because its enough that I can use a workout when I want to switch things up!

For example, if you remember my post from a while ago, (Incline walking), I will often complete that and then do her ab circuit from her free week of workouts! They are supposed to work that you do as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 7 minutes, rest a minute and then do it again. Then you do the same with the next column, so the workout only last 28 minutes. However, I am usually exhausted post incline workout so I often just try to go straight through the circuit once, or even twice if I feel up for it! (  )


It is also very helpful because since all the information comes from the same source all the information fits together and you don’t get conflicting ideas, which can often be so frustrating! Anyone who feels a little lost in the workout and fitness department should definitely check her out! You can find her on Instagram ( ) and sign up for free tips and blog posts each week on her website (!

Working out and healthy can often be daunting especially with all the different messages women receive about how they should be. I think Kayla sends a great message that everyones ideal is going to be different. She also stresses how it isn’t about being super skinny, but being strong and happy!

I hope this has helped give anyone who seems a little overwhelmed a little guidance. I find the most frustrating part to be that I feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions with so many sources, that it is refreshing to have one place I can go to that I for sure trust!I am obsessed with not only the workouts she provides but also trust the environment, because sometimes we all need a little motivation!

Do you already have somewhere you go for workout and fitness ideas/advice? Let me know below! Let’s all help each other out on our fitness journeys!

Strong is the new sexy

So Obsessed Saturday: Friends is Finished

The day has finally come where I have finished the entire 10 seasons of Friends. Any Netflix connoisseur knows the bittersweet feeling I have right now. This was something I could depend on for nearly three months as my way to decompress from my day and now its all over! Anyone who dabbles in Netflix knows the feeling wen your show ends, it’s a tough one! Now what am I supposed to do with my time?! Well everyone says just find a new show…yes but it will be nothing like the series I just saw! And it requires getting attached to an entirely new set of characters, but it is inevitably what will happen. So fret not those who feel lost and forsaken from the ending of their series! YOU ARE STRONG AND YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS! (am i too dramatic?)

Any who as I reminisce on my great time enjoying the 220 episode of Friends I decided to pick my Top 5 episodes ever! Let me know if you disagree or at least which episodes would be in your Top 5! (Caution: Spoiler alert!)

5. The One with the Embryos (Season 4 Episode 12)

The final question was “What is Chandler Bing’s job?” and…well…they lost it all.

In this episode Phoebe decides to take on the daunting task of being implanted with embryos in an attempt to get pregnant for her brother so that he and his older wife can have kids. Meanwhile Chandler and Joey start playing a game with Monica and Rachel where they have to answer questions about each other, in a heated betting moment the girls bet their apartment and lose. The boys get to move in!

PhoebeUterus4. The One where Monica Get a Roommate (Season 1 Episode 1)

This is the pilot episode of the entire series. It starts out with four of the friends(Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey) hanging out in Central Perk. As Ross comes in we learn how his wife has just left him because she turned out to be a lesbian. Monica announces how she is going to go out with Paul (the wine guy). As the episode progresses more character traits are revealed and it ends with Rachel deciding she will move in. At the very end Ross and Rachel’s roller coaster of love begins as they have a moment.


Rachel’s attempt at a metaphor for her father as to why she doesn’t want to marry Barry.

3. The One with Chandler in a Box (Season 4 Episode 8)

I love this episode because it is a prime example of the humor of the show.This is season 4’s Thanksgiving episode. Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend, at the time, Kathy. Joey refuses to forgive Chandler, but decides he can award forgiveness if he stays in a box for 6 hours. Meanwhile Monica injures her eye and is forced to go to the eye doctor, who is her ex Richard, but upon arrival she finds out that Richard’s son has stepped in for the day, and she invites him to Thanksgiving dinner. While they are at dinner Chandler continues to makes jokes which upsets Joey. Then Kathy comes in and breaks up with Chandler, with the box barrier in between. In the end Joey forgives Chandler.

Chandler in a box

2. The One with the Proposal (Season 6 Episode 23/24)

Now I know this episode is technically two, but in my defense it was one episode on Netflix!  Essentially Chandler plans on proposing to Monica but as they are out together they run into Richard (Monica’s ex from a very serious relationship). Ruining the moment Chandler is unable to propose, but still wants to surprise her so he tells her he is never interested in settling down. Which has the adverse affect because Monica questions if she should give Richard another chance. Chandler meanwhile has lost all hope and thinks Monica has left him, but in reality she has planned a proposal inside their apartment and he ends up asking her. She accepts.

A montage of the Chandler and Monica proposal

A montage of the Chandler and Monica proposal

1. The Last One (Season10 Episode 17 (Part 1&2)

I feel somewhat bad for making this episode my all time favorite because of the predictability. However, I was very impressed with the finale because of how it all tied together. I just couldn’t help myself because of the way Rachel comes back. They tease and tease and tease you into thinking that she is far gone, but the cherry on top is when her real voice takes over instead of the answering machine. (when you see the episode it will make sense) Another reason why I think his episode was so well done is because of the last line, by Chandler, “where?”. Not only does it sum up the show with the obvious answer of being Central Perk, which makes the viewer feel closer to the show known the answer, but also because it rings true to Chandler’s sense of humor.

FriendsFinaleI hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Apologies for the spoilers 🙂

So Obsessed Saturday: Friends

So it begins my current obsession. Some may argue that I use the word obsession loosely, however if you have ever met me you will realize that for me it is completely accurate. My obsession this week (for a few weeks now) is Friends. If you have been alive since the new year you will know that they recently released the 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix. I would definitely describe my relationship with Netlifx as that: a relationship, we spend a lot of time together.


Anyone who has a relationship with Netflix knows how it goes. You find a series, binge watch it until its end, and then experience a whirlwind of crashing depression as the series is over and no other series will ever spark you interest and soul just the same. Until one does and the vicious cycle begins again. The best moments are even when you find yourself acting like certain characters or thinking in their same phrases in your everyday life, simply because they have consumed just that much of your mind. That is the current state I have found myself in.

Friends joined Netflix the first day of this year. There are 10 Seasons, 24 episodes each, and each episode about 22 minutes long. I am currently on Season 8. That means over these past 38 days I have watched 168 episodes of Friends or 3,696 minutes. Thats about 4 episodes per day. Alright I would say that is fair to call an obsession. If thats enough to be considered an obsession to then just keep in mind that I am also a full-time student, as well as an in season Division 1 athlete, which I think brings my obsession to a whole new level considering I have little time to spare.

Ahhh the things we do for love.

Now you may be wondering ‘Whats so great about Friends that you can watch 4 episodes per day?’ Well my little glitter loving friend, let me tell you. Friends is great for many reasons but I’ll keep this short and sweet. For one: Joey Tribbiani, what an adorable Italian man. He’s hilarious as a character, and not bad to look at either, because he says the silly things that we all think but would never say out loud because we know how ridiculous we would sound, but more power to you Joey. Rachel is the entitled little princess that is subtly trying to rough it, but at the same is somehow able to score a job with Ralph Lauren just like no big deal. Monica is the perfectionist neat freak that you want to hate but you can’t because without her crazy personality half the jokes would not be as fun, and you probably wouldn’t be able to see the floor of any of their apartments. Ross is a dork, a cute one and sometimes an annoying one but he still owns his dorkiness none the less. Besides without him Chandler wouldn’t have half the jokes that make him so funny. Which brings around my favorite boy Mr.Chandler Bing. he simply just keeps me laughing, and mostly wishing that I could think of funny one liners in the moments, sainted of the next day while Im showering and realizing what I could’ve said instead. Now for last and not least: Ms.Phoebe Buffay. People often throw around this ‘spirit animal term’ not that I have much a clue what it really means, but if I had to pick one, she would be mine. For one she’s the perfect mix of yogi and ‘go-getter women’. She wears tons of rings which just rock my socks off. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind no matter how weird, funny, or even sexual it is. Goes on as many dates as she wants and totally owns it, has a little bit of badass sketchy past that you are never really sure about and of course that being normal is just boring. All together they are my little dream of friends that I would love to have if I ever moved to the big city, or really anywhere because shenanigans make great stories, and great stories lead to great friends.

So there you have it my current obsession. Maybe now you can get a little obsessed too, or at least feel better about your own current obsession (;

Hope you have a princess perfect weekend!