So Obsessed Saturday: SCANDAL

I am sure that it is no secret how much I love my TV series…usually on Netflix. Perhaps one of my all time favorite series that I stumbled upon is Scandal. This post is probably long over due because I have been quite obsessed for a while, but the opportunity presented itself because they just had the Season 4 finale.

If you need a new show to watch I would definitely check it out. (And if you don’t want it anyways because it’s awesome) I love crime shows, like everything from NCIS to Criminal Minds and Scandal is the perfect mix because there is also so much plot outside of the action. It is one of those shows where as you are watching a nice moment you are waiting for a bomb to explode or for someone to pass out from poison…and I love ever second of it!

Now there are many reasons why I love this show but I have to say that cast list is 53229_300definitely one of them. Kerry Washington is just absolutely amazing in her role as Olivia Pope (her character) is my spirit animal even though she isn’t real. She is the Miss.Fix-It of Washington DC and she knows how to use what she has and isn’t afraid of roadblocks…or really law for that matter. And when it comes to Fitz (ugh he aggravates me) it is so great to see her character progression because at first you can see how she will do anything for him and then she shows a great example of going after and only standing for what you deserve (which I know I can definitely take a lesson from)


Jake the B613 agent went to the good side is also a favorite because despite every reason Olivia has given him to run he still stays…ugh what a gem. Then there is always the President Fitzgerald who is really just…well I am not really sure about. Sure he loves Olivia but he’s also a cheater and you never really know what to expect from him. If you tallied pros and cons I am sure they would be even, but in the battle of Jake and Fitz I am definitely team Jake.

There is also a very distinct way that they speak which comes front he script as well as the style of actors, but I think it gives the show a ton of character. I wish I could explain it better, but I guess the best way would be that they use a lot of emphasis and repetition in order to create tension and I think it adds a lot to all of the intense moments.


In the most recent episode there were many plot twists. Fitz definitely got some brownie points from me for throwing out Mellie cause she killed some JURORS IN THE B613 case! Although I suppose in her defense she didn’t know that it was Rowan…but really Mellie always thinks she knows whats going on when she really doesn’t. Speaking of Rowan, I just love to hate him he is jet absolutely infuriating, but seeing him behind bars was absolutely satisfying. I did not expect Olivia to have her little run in with Maya, however I can’t say that she is my least favorite person. Sure she is an international terrorist who seems quite ruthless but somehow I haven’t found myself despising her yet.

Now for me the ultimate question lies in what will happen with Fitz and Olivia, (this final scene was one of those that I was waiting for one of them to drop dead from poisoning because those are the kind of things that happen in this move) even if they can somehow be together I am not sure that I want them to, they have so much passion but not enough normalcy. ( I am almost embarrassed at how emotional invested in this show I am, as well as the amount that I am able to analyze it on such a personal level haha) But I am sure there are some of you out there that will make me feel a little less crazy in your investment in the show! Let me know what you think is gonna happen and what you think of the finale?! (and of course Fitz or Jake?!)