#MurphyMonday Life Can Get Messy

Monday’s often get a bad rap as the worst day of the week. But sometimes it takes a little reminder that every day is very special and every day truly is a gift. Our pets teach us many lessons, but one of my favorites that I learned from Murphy was to have a sense of humor. On this particular Monday this summer I had given him a Frosty Paw (an ice cream cup for dogs) and left him alone for nearly two seconds when I came back to find this. I couldn’t help but laugh and to this day I still can’t help but laugh. Life can be messy and complicated and million other ways we choose to make it, but at the end of each day if you can find something to laugh or smile about, you have truly appreciated the gift that was given to you that day. I hope you all found a gift today. Happy Murphy Monday!   

Murphy Monday: The Rainbow Road

IMG_1849As many of you know Murphy hasn’t been doing well for some time…and  unfortunately we had to let him cross the big rainbow yesterday around noon. Although I couldn’t be there as I am currently studying abroad in England, I have no doubt that he knows I was there in sprit giving him so many hugs and kisses. I know I haven’t been writing in about three weeks, but I hope to share more this week and really get back on track. In light of recent events I hope to write more about this soon, amongst other things.  Losing a pet is a very challenging and different type of grieving and as I am currently experiencing it now, I hope that I can share as much as possible with you all to help not only me, but anyone else who is going through this. Thanks for being y best friend Murf! ❤

#MurphyMonday Workin at the Pup Wash

This past weekend was full of mayhem…some brought on by the family task of giving Murphy a bath. These past few months have been rough for Murphy as he is ill with cancer and has lost use of his front left leIMG_1712g. He no longer bares any weight on it so he always walks with a limp. Due to his condition we found it best to wash him outside rather than try to get him up the stairs,  despite being sick, he is still a character full of love and patience…even when he is being sprayed with a hose.


Current countdown of 13 days, 6 hours and 20 minutes until I get to see this adorable pup again. It’s also a beautiful sunny day in Olean, New York, so here’s a lovely Murphy Monday of us enjoying the sun at our home in Virginia.

There's actually quite a funny story behind this photo, but we will save that story for later this week :) 

There’s actually quite a funny story behind this photo, but we will save that story for later this week 🙂