Treat Yo’ Self

In a past post of mine I described my great obsession with Parks and Recreation (click here for that post!). That mixed with my recent moving back into school, and therefore dorm life, an inner state of mind has been reawaken from a summer off. Often while at school it can be so easy to get caught up in the classes, grades, social life, clubs, and for some athletics. It can easy to forget about the important, bigger things such as your physical and mental health. Besides the issue of so much pressure ebbing placed on education and grades, it can often be near back breaking to try to be so many things at once that we can forget to take care of ourselves. So I have made a promise to myself (and perhaps you would like to join me) to think f myself a little more. Not in a selfish way, but rather in a good job to me. It can be so easy to say good job to others, but often we save the worst criticisms for ourselves (something I am very guilty of) Here are a few ideas on how to, in the words of Tom Haverford, Treat Yo’ Self!Treat-Yoself

  1. Perhaps take a day off from your rigorous exercise schedule to let your body rest. Often we can get so caught up in being tin the perfect shape that we tune out the voice of our body, and end up hurting ourselves in the long run. A day off for soreness can be good and bring you back even stronger!
  2. If you find yourself with your face in a book all the time, your brain lightbulbmay deserve a break. Go for walk outside or catch up with a friend outside of the library. Set time aside for you to gather your thoughts and a little peace of mind, The books will still be there! And who knows you might stumble upon some of your most creative ideas once you take that step outside the box.
  3. Look out for yourself. Sometimes we can get so caught up in everything we are doing we forget about the basics. Even when it comes to our health!No matter what end of the spectrum you are on it is important to make sure we are taking care of ourselves for the now and the future. Here is an outline of what should get checked when (I am the first o admit that sometimes I am not even sure what I should be expecting at the doctors)! It can be easy to push things out of our minds either out of convenience or fear, but it is important to get regular check ups so your body can keep up with you doing an amazing job at being you! But don’t think that something like health is something you can’t pair with your friends. Girlfriends got to stick together!( Click here for a few ways you can be there for your friend!) You can help each other look out of one another, in ways big and small!
  4. Oscar Women's CheckupsTreating yourself goes along best while doing it with a best friend! Here are some of my favorites:
  • Getting your nails done!
  • Finding the best ice cream place in town
  • Going on a hike to apace you have never been
  • Going to a new type of exercise class together…why not try zumba!
  • Trying a brand new restaurant or even a new style of food!
  • Plan a spa day
  • Buy a new book (random or one anticipated) and set aside time even during your busy days to read it
  • Treat yourself to a new something whether it be a clothing item you love and makes you love yourself more or a new pair of shoes that you’ve been in love with for a while.

IT can be so easy to forget to put ourselves first, in nearly all aspects of our lives fro health and fitness to reminding ourselves that we are doing a great job! What are some of your favorite ways to treat yourself?


So Obsessed Saturday: Parks and Recreation

These past two weeks have just been so crazy…but as you can see I’m a day late for my So Obsessed Saturday, but hopefully you all can forgive me! As you know Netflix is one of my loves, which is probably what every college student says but oh well. My current obsession is Parks and Recreation. CAUTION: Spoiler Alert.

I have seen it in passing on television but I decided to fully commit to the series and I am hooked. It is just so hilarious, and I am starting to think that Leslie Knope is my spirit animal I just wanted to give you a little something to get you to know the characters and what makes them each so unique and hilarious.


Andy & April: These two make the perfect pair. April hates absolutely everyone and everything and her deadpan delivery makes her even more hilarious (especially compared to Leslie Knope’s ‘everything is sunshine’ attitude) Andy is a great balance because he is just a guy, living his life with very little inhibition or notice of the things around him. His stupidity is hilarious but at the same time almost unexpected in deliverance, because he always brings it up a notch. Once they finally got together as a couple, I couldn’t have been happier and their whirlwind marriage and relationship is really just about living in the moment and being a little crazy.


Jerry: Oh poor Jerry. The guy in the office that everyone loves to hate. The office punch line. Of course me being me, however, I always feel so bad for him because everyone is so mean! He’s really just a lovable oaf I think. But at the end of the day I think everyone would be very very sad to see him go and atleast he has his wife Gayle.


Donna: I find it hard to describe why I love Donna so much, perhaps it’s her amazing sass or the fact that she is always confident in how awesome she is (shouldn’t we all feel that way?!). She runs her life and is fabulous while she does it, and she always has some guys waiting for her because she knows how to work it *snap & hairflip*


Tom Haverford: Fashion and everything of luxury is essentially Tom. He loves the finer things and this especially is what bonds him and Donna. I also love his quirkiness and hilarious business propositions, and of course his near and dear investment in the only club in the town of Pawnee, the Snakehole lounge. But deep down he is sweet and really would do anything for anyone!

Tom2Chris: LITERALLY (his favorite word) the most positive person in the world, and also the most in shape as he maintains 2.8% body fat. Quit impressive! He loves everything and can deliver nearly any news in a positive way. You are just always rooting for him to find a love because he totally deserves one!

ChrisBen: Probably the most normal character of the bunch. But between him and Leslie’s ‘outlawed love’ and his pairing with Chris as the deliverer of bad news because Chris can’t bear it, he’s definitely a major part of the shows balance.

The most accurate photo of him. He is so normal that it is funny.

The most accurate photo of him. He is so normal that it is funny.

Ann: A peppy nurse turned government employee and also Leslie’s best friend. She is unbelievably loyal and really willing to try anything, even dating Tom. You can get the sense that she isn’t really sure how she ended up at the Parks department, but she doesn’t seem to regret it at all.


Ron: The manliest man who probably has killed an animal with his bare hands. Prime example of an outdoorsman and isn’t afraid of his hate for the government…which he works for. As tough and seemingly careless as he is, it becomes clear that deep down he has a big heart and the people in it are the people from the parks department as he would do anything for them, although he may not admit it.


Leslie: As deputy director of the parks department she has many responsibilities, but many that she not only makes for herself but also takes them very seriously. She is agreat friend and citizen and literally lives and breathes Pawnee. I find myself realizing how similar we are often because she makes awful jokes, but I actually find them funny. She is unbelievably caring and does anything and everything for her friends from throwing a Sweet 16 Surprise Party for Jerry (since his birthday comes only every 4 years, technically making him 16) to attempting to stay up for 2 days straight for a Pawnee Diabetes Telethon (as the town of Pawnee is ranked #4 in the country of having the largest citizens)


Have you seen Parks and Recreation? Who’s your favorite character?