So Obsessed Saturday: High Top Converse…Converse in General

      HighTopConverse  Perhaps one of my favorite purchases of recent, or of all time are my high top white converse. Now I know I am by no means a fashion blogger, but I am a blogger of obsessions and this is definitely one of mine. Generally speaking, converse are awesome, they are the perfect way to add edge to an outfit or to dress it down.

         I had been thinking of grabbing a pair of high tops for myself for a while, considering my black normal ones had trekked all across Europe and looked as such. So I finally splurged about two weeks ago (well maybe not splurge, but 55$ to a college student is a bit of a splurge) and got them! Needless to say I have been quite obsessed. I have worn them almost every other day, now if I didn’t see the same people everyday, I probably would’ve worn them everyday but I figured that it might be a little much.

         This has made my getting ready in the morning, far simpler, considering I am usually a hot mess after practice and looking ‘presentable’ for class is often a struggle. My new go to outfit, is my converse with leggings and oversized tshirt. (Essentially the northern girls version of the southern school typical huge tshirt and running shorts, because there is more snow that sun around here. They are also great because you can wear leggings or crop pants with them. Although this post didn’t have much advice in fashion or in life, I just wanted to share my excitement over a pair shoes, something that rarely happens 🙂


Beautiful Blogger Award

First off HUGE shout out to StashMatters for her nomination for the beautiful blogger award along with her very kind words. Although I can’t nominate her since she nominated me, I still think everyone should check out her blog because she has really great tips and is really a joy to read!

Alright so here it goes!

The Rules:
• Display the Award logo on your blog.
• Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
• Nominate 7 other bloggers and say a little something about them.
• Let them know they have been nominated.


Here are my nominations! I hope that you check them all out and love them as much as I do! (:

Dorkchops: I absolutely adore her blog. I love her posts and reviews (which I totally trust)  and its so cool because in all her interviews from different tags I realized that we have so much in common!

Atkokosplace: I think her and I bond on a certain animal related level because she seems to love her pretty kitty as much as I love my fluffy pup! (#yayanimallovers) She also gives great tips on DIY projects at home that are actually cute and fun!

The Girl in the Little Black Dress: Natalie’s blog is absolutely darling. She gives great fashion advice. But I think my favorite thing about her blog is the vintage and classy feel her whole blog gives off!

OneBirdgeOfHope: I think what they are doing and what they stand for is amazing Growing up is hard enough but as our generations have been given certain stigmas I think they do a great job of showing people that there is always hope and always someone willing to listen!

FunLovinTravelers: First off a couple having a blog is just the bee’s knee’s. And I love reading about their travels and just their everyday!

Honey Bee & Me: this blog is absolutely adorable and she covers a wide array of topics. I am in love with her more recent cupcake post…now I have the urge to make cupcakes! Definitely check her out!

PuddlesOfAvni: She posts great tid-bits about make up and her various hauls and is super down to earth!