Makeshift College Cooking: Part 1

I found myself at a new low last week, but at the same time a college student peak. I created the most makeshift pizza that has ever been conceived. As I sat in class, my mind of course wandered to the most obvious of daydreams: food. I thought of what I was going to be making for dinner.

The pizza goal

                           The pizza goal

Now my mind has always worked in an interesting way. For me I often though items such as tomato sauce and ketchup where on some level interchangeable, I mean after all they are quite similar in nature. Either way this brought me to my next interchangeable item: pizza sauce and salsa. Now not to say that I think salsa and pizza sauce are the same thing, however when you are on a college budget lines become blurred and experiments in the kitchen become more and more fun.

Regardless on that Thursday I decided that I wanted pizza and that I was going to make it on my own, but there where more ingredients that I didn’t have rather than those that I did. Regardless I was determined to make the best of this makeshift situation.

Now for my pizza crust I had limited options pita chips, some wheat thins, or sandwich thins. As I am writing I think pita chips would have been quite delicious, but regardless at the time I went with the sandwich thins. SO I popped that sucker in the oven and let it toast…to the best of this dorm oven toasting ability.

Once my ‘pizza crust was nice and crispy I then spread some medium salsa all over, which actually turned out surprisingly well. I mean think about it, it is kind of like chunky pizza sauce even some veggies. Now fro cheese all I had were some mozzarella cheese sticks, which is probably the most realistic pizza ingredient that I actually had on hand. So I chopped up that mozzarella stick very thin and threw the entire concoction back into the oven.

Now I am not going to say this is the best pizza I ever had, because it was exactly pizza but for a college student with lack of transportation to the store on a Thursday night after a day of chaos…it was the best damn pizza I had ever had.


Packing Packing Packing

Wow it has been such a crazy week! Between finals and moving out of my dorm, all of a sudden I realized the last time I posted was Monday! (sincerest apologies XOXO) Now anyone who has ever moved in or out of college…or really moved in general knows the stresses…which can sometimes be amplified if you are not the most organized person in the world like myself. (OOPS… but I think it is a sign of creativity haha)

So I thought I’d share packing wisdom..which I have gained through first hand experience and has provided me with ample anecdotal proof so you can really take my word for it.

1. DO NOT SAVE PACKING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE: It may seem like hey I don’t have many things. But perhaps you and your friends decided on one last night out to see all your friends and say your goodbyes…and then said friend saved all packing until the last minute and 8 am the next day had to take intervals of 3 minutes nap in between long series of movement and even through teamwork it took longer than expected.

2. Attempt to have some sense of size perception: This is a skill that I seriously lack as I promised rides to the airport to three of my friends along, with their large large luggage to fly home, as well as my own belongings in a car that was barely big enough for my belongings alone. Needless to say I had to leave all of my belongings in the locker room as well as sit with luggage on my lap driving to airport…and mom wasn’t super thrilled either. (But hey the more the merrier right…?)

3.Intervally check your drawers while packing: If you are anything like me I have nearly no attention span so I often jump from packing item to packing item, thus thinking I have finished tasks when I really haven’t. So last year when my mother arrived I did a final run through of my empty room to find a drawer full of sweaters…clearly last year was my first moving out experience as well as the biggest learning experience of such activities.

4.Free boxes: I learned this tip from a friend actually, if you go to certain stores such as a Dollar General (at least that is where my friends have found success) and you ask for boxes, they will often give the extras they have from items they’ve just had shipped in.

Do you have a hilarious…perhaps only funny is retrospect moving stories?!  I’d love to hear anything to feel less crazy. Congrats to anyone who just finished a semester and successfully moved out!

Stress Relief Puppies!

Today I received the greatest surprise ever! Stress relief puppies. Now I am not sure if many of you have heard of this, but many colleges are starting to bring in puppies right around finals week to help relieve Students of teh stress that comes along with finals. As any college student knows there is a lot of pressure put on this time of year, and it’s actually scientifically proven that animals, especially dogs, help relieve stress. So here is also a friendly reminder: whatever it is that is stressing you out remember that your life is much bigger than a grade on a test and I promise you, with all my heart that you will be ok no matter the grade you get. So hey if you are feeling stressed maybe all you need is a puppy break!


what are some of the ways that you have found that help you de-stress?