Beautiful Blogger Award

First off HUGE shout out to StashMatters for her nomination for the beautiful blogger award along with her very kind words. Although I can’t nominate her since she nominated me, I still think everyone should check out her blog because she has really great tips and is really a joy to read!

Alright so here it goes!

The Rules:
• Display the Award logo on your blog.
• Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
• Nominate 7 other bloggers and say a little something about them.
• Let them know they have been nominated.


Here are my nominations! I hope that you check them all out and love them as much as I do! (:

Dorkchops: I absolutely adore her blog. I love her posts and reviews (which I totally trust)  and its so cool because in all her interviews from different tags I realized that we have so much in common!

Atkokosplace: I think her and I bond on a certain animal related level because she seems to love her pretty kitty as much as I love my fluffy pup! (#yayanimallovers) She also gives great tips on DIY projects at home that are actually cute and fun!

The Girl in the Little Black Dress: Natalie’s blog is absolutely darling. She gives great fashion advice. But I think my favorite thing about her blog is the vintage and classy feel her whole blog gives off!

OneBirdgeOfHope: I think what they are doing and what they stand for is amazing Growing up is hard enough but as our generations have been given certain stigmas I think they do a great job of showing people that there is always hope and always someone willing to listen!

FunLovinTravelers: First off a couple having a blog is just the bee’s knee’s. And I love reading about their travels and just their everyday!

Honey Bee & Me: this blog is absolutely adorable and she covers a wide array of topics. I am in love with her more recent cupcake post…now I have the urge to make cupcakes! Definitely check her out!

PuddlesOfAvni: She posts great tid-bits about make up and her various hauls and is super down to earth!