So Obsessed Saturday: Macarons

Wow! It has been a while since I have done one of these, but worry not I have a ton of ammo for some new ones! After my recent travels around Europe, i have fallen in love with a new desert: MACARONS. Now these where the treat that I always saw in upper scale life-style television (GOSSIP GIRL) GGOMacaron

They always looked so cute and dainty, and I had always wanted to try them but had no idea what to expect. So while walking through London when my family came to visit me we passed a darling bakery with tons of them in the window. I asked my IMG_2601family what they were, as I thought that they were macarons and my mother said no those are always coconut, I’m not sure what they are. Quite spontaneously we decided to give them try. (Of course while in inside my mother found out the entire process and history of these dainty little treats, she’s such a social butterfly) Regardless, I had my first macaron experience and now I am SO OBSESSED (I’m so funny and ironic…haha)

They are the perfect mix of cookie and cream. It is basically a glorified Oreo, they are also pretty expensive which is the major downside…however you can’t take your money to heaven so you might as well spend it on macarons 🙂 When we went to Paris I got to try some world wide acclaimed macarons, needless to say I stopped at nearly every place that sold them just because. I felt quite Parisian in strolling around Paris eating macarons and sitting by cultural landmarks.

*and in my own mind I looked something like this…and regardless of the inaccuracy I will keep telling myself that :)*


However, in typical Emily fashion I bought some to bring back to London after our 4 day weekend…only to leave them on the plane. I even went to customs to see if they could retrieve them( but I am not going to lie, I was almost happy that they weren’t found because I was a tad embarrassed that I had gone through all that trouble of finding the aircraft and researching it, only to find that I had left some macarons, but are there ever lengths too far for an amazing desert?!)

Now back to the specifics. I never really knew what they were before I had tried them or even what I should expect them to taste like. Essentially it is a soft cookie as the top and bottom, and the outer-shell is very light and airy, but once you bite into it the filling is creamy and added with the crunch of the top it is the perfect little treasure.

*writer takes a snack break because she made herself hungry*

**there were no macarons so she ate Oreo’s which is the closest thing this broke college girl could find to class Parisian deserts**

Now the most infamous place to get macrons in Paris is Laduree…so essentially on my visit I also got to experience a Gossip IMG_2543Girl landmark, which was equally exciting as the macarons. And the inside was just as darling as the pastries they made. My friends and I purchased 20 of them for $34 which isn’t that bad and honestly was completely worth it.

IMG_2536 IMG_2537

Honestly as I am writing this I just keep getting hungry and also getting excited because macarons even look adorable. But I hope you have enjoyed my stroll (a slow one because I have been eating while hungry) down memory lane, I hope your weekend is blessed with delicious treats and even sweeter people to share them with 🙂 and just remember:



So Obsessed Saturday: Nearly Midnight Edition

This weeks so obsessed is slightly less conventional, but I would say even more important than nearly any other I have posted. I have been having some late night thoughts brought on in the rush of the freedom and bliss of summer that has brought me to the conclusion of the following:

A million times over I would choose a million unique experiences and adventures than a million dollars.

I began thinking the other day how much value we, as a culture, and therefore as individuals (whether we mean to or not) put on money. Outside of the numerical value that is required to be a functioning member of society, but really think of the value and the control that it has on our lives. We spend our time thinking often with that piece of paper in mind, it often dictates many of our life choices. But at the end of our lives, when we lie on our bed, surrounded (hopefully) by all those we love, we will be looking back on the great memories and experiences we have had. When did it become the social norm to live for money instead of living to live. Now I am not saying being financially secure isn’t important, but I think what we do with the security says a lot about us. Wouldn’t it be worth it to spend that money on experiences to know that something you earned brought you to something new?

Therefore I have reached the above conclusion. The value of adventure and experience has been vastly underrated in our society, however that doesn’t mean that it always has to be this way. Perhaps what I am saying is that instead of buying a brand new outfit with your bonus check (although there is nothing wrong with bringing yourself that happiness that comes with clothes that make you feel great about yourself, cause I love an amazing outfit as much as the next glitter obsessed gal) put some aside for that amazing trip that you think you are never going to take (and decide that you are going to) or even just grab a friend and try something new like paddle boarding or ordering something you can’t pronounce off of a menu. See the world around you, just so you can realize how much more there is to see.

So Obsessed Saturday: Avocado Please


Can you ever have enough avocado?! I mean really I have probably gone through 5 this week…so I guess you could say I am obsessed. There are tons of uses as well as tons of benefits!

Here are some avocado fun facts:

They contain more potassium than bananas!


Avocado is a high fat food! WAIT WHAT Emily why would I want to eat something that is high in fat. This is a huge misconception because not all fats are the same! Avocado is high in fat but they are the good fats! Monounsaturated fatty acids and the main source is oleic acid which makes up 70% of olive oil, and is what gives olive oil its nutrient value.


Avocados are very high in antioxidants and also help you absorb antioxidants from other plant foods! Antioxidants are very important to your body and keep a lot of it in check, avocado is high in certain ones that are great for your eye sight!

They are packed with fiber, both soluble and insoluble, which will help you stay full longer and in turn can help you lose weight if that’s your goal!

I have been using avocados a million ways this week, and I don’t think that that is much of an understatement as they are so versatile!

Salad: You can top your salad with chunks or slices. My favorite has been chicken, spinach, tomatoes, or whatever other veggies I have on hand mixed with avocado and some olive oil. The olive oil adds flavor and the avocado adds creaminess and removes the need for a really heavy dressing!


Instead of Mayo: As mentioned before avocado is very creamy and can take the place of something else less healthy such as mayonnaise. You can mash up the avocado and spread it on bread for your sandwich, or I have even mixed it with chicken instead of mayonnaise to create a different type of chicken salad. (It may even be good with eggs for eggs salad…might have to try that one!)

avocadspreadGuacamole: This is quite the obvious one as avocado is the main ingredient in this very tasty dip. You can really get creative with guac because you can add really whatever you like. I like mine with lime, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, salt and pepper, not a fan of spicy. Guacamole is usually eaten with tortilla chips but you can also use veggies to dip instead for a slightly healthier option!


So Obsessed Saturday: SCANDAL

I am sure that it is no secret how much I love my TV series…usually on Netflix. Perhaps one of my all time favorite series that I stumbled upon is Scandal. This post is probably long over due because I have been quite obsessed for a while, but the opportunity presented itself because they just had the Season 4 finale.

If you need a new show to watch I would definitely check it out. (And if you don’t want it anyways because it’s awesome) I love crime shows, like everything from NCIS to Criminal Minds and Scandal is the perfect mix because there is also so much plot outside of the action. It is one of those shows where as you are watching a nice moment you are waiting for a bomb to explode or for someone to pass out from poison…and I love ever second of it!

Now there are many reasons why I love this show but I have to say that cast list is 53229_300definitely one of them. Kerry Washington is just absolutely amazing in her role as Olivia Pope (her character) is my spirit animal even though she isn’t real. She is the Miss.Fix-It of Washington DC and she knows how to use what she has and isn’t afraid of roadblocks…or really law for that matter. And when it comes to Fitz (ugh he aggravates me) it is so great to see her character progression because at first you can see how she will do anything for him and then she shows a great example of going after and only standing for what you deserve (which I know I can definitely take a lesson from)


Jake the B613 agent went to the good side is also a favorite because despite every reason Olivia has given him to run he still stays…ugh what a gem. Then there is always the President Fitzgerald who is really just…well I am not really sure about. Sure he loves Olivia but he’s also a cheater and you never really know what to expect from him. If you tallied pros and cons I am sure they would be even, but in the battle of Jake and Fitz I am definitely team Jake.

There is also a very distinct way that they speak which comes front he script as well as the style of actors, but I think it gives the show a ton of character. I wish I could explain it better, but I guess the best way would be that they use a lot of emphasis and repetition in order to create tension and I think it adds a lot to all of the intense moments.


In the most recent episode there were many plot twists. Fitz definitely got some brownie points from me for throwing out Mellie cause she killed some JURORS IN THE B613 case! Although I suppose in her defense she didn’t know that it was Rowan…but really Mellie always thinks she knows whats going on when she really doesn’t. Speaking of Rowan, I just love to hate him he is jet absolutely infuriating, but seeing him behind bars was absolutely satisfying. I did not expect Olivia to have her little run in with Maya, however I can’t say that she is my least favorite person. Sure she is an international terrorist who seems quite ruthless but somehow I haven’t found myself despising her yet.

Now for me the ultimate question lies in what will happen with Fitz and Olivia, (this final scene was one of those that I was waiting for one of them to drop dead from poisoning because those are the kind of things that happen in this move) even if they can somehow be together I am not sure that I want them to, they have so much passion but not enough normalcy. ( I am almost embarrassed at how emotional invested in this show I am, as well as the amount that I am able to analyze it on such a personal level haha) But I am sure there are some of you out there that will make me feel a little less crazy in your investment in the show! Let me know what you think is gonna happen and what you think of the finale?! (and of course Fitz or Jake?!)

So Obsessed Saturday: Pitch Perfect

I recently watched this movie probably for the 100th time and I thought what could be more perfect for being so obsessed this week-especially considering the second one comes out May 15th! You can’t even imagine how excited I am! In case you haven’t seen the trailer for the next movie here it is:

Now as I was watching this movie I found myself quoting absolutely every line, which is no surprise because this movies amazing. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite movies of all time and I hope that the second one lives up to the first! (But I really have no doubt with this all star cast) So I figured why not share some of the top reasons why I am so obsessed with this movie!



Not only is absolutely adorable to look at, but his characters is one of those that even though you know he’s just a character you want him to be real in real life. He is always so sweet to Becca and finally at the end they end up together- and thats all that matters because Jesse’s happiness is obviously priority. Also how could you not absolutely love his amazing singing and dancing, OH his parts of performance just always makes my heart melt.

2. Acapella Auditions: Honestly if you just need some serious laugh out loud moments, the audition scene is great. Their different voices mashup of Since U Been Gone is not only greatly entertaining but also will effectively get that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

3.Bumper: Honestly the guy that you just love to hate


4. Aca…Everything

AcaScusemeAca-believe it

5.Rebel Wilson: she really just brings this movie home because she is absolutely Cardiohilarious and has no problem letting her own personality shine through. Although he character is funny, watching the movie you really feel like you actually know the actress herself.


6.Every Song Scene: Essentially you just have the movie and take my word for it! Are you as excited as I am for the next one to come out?! I’d love to here some of yalls favorite movies!

So Obsessed Saturday: Slam Poetry

Now I know this is one of my less conventional So Obsessed Saturdays, but that’s what I love about them is because I can always change it up a little. This one is also a little more personal, it’s more like a secret of mine I guess you could say. I don’t think a lot of people know this about me but I love slam poetry. I love listening and watching people put all they have, and bear their souls to complete strangers and you can see the passion simply in their presentation. So this Saturday I am doing a little less talking and instead a little sharing. I am sharing with you my favorite slam poetry piece that I have found thus far. So take a look and let me know what you think, or even better yet explore a little more and find something that speaks to you. It can be quite surprising how similar we all really are when others can put into words what we can’t. Enjoy!

This is my favorite piece for a lot of reason. For one, the passion behind these two men as they speak really gives me chills, they really make you feel and believe in what they are saying. Perhaps my favorite thing about it, though, is the message. True success isn’t won by getting out of the game when you have won it all, it is when you have fallen and are broken and known that you used every piece of talent that you have been blessed with. Never let the fear of failing keep you from pushing.

So Obsessed Saturday: Green Tea

I have been planning on this one for quite sometime. I’m sure every health and fitness person has said green tea is the key to all things and can cure all things, or at least something along those lines. Well the truth is, green tea is so so so good for you! I have  began drinking it a ton this year (not much of a coffee or tea drinker usually, unless it iscup of green tea with mint pounded with sugar and honey…until now). So much so that it is really part of my morning routine, and I actually look forward to it. I love having it with me on my walks to class and tea bags last for a few servings so it’s perfect for me because I am usually on the run and it allows me to just reuse the same bag and just add more hot water!

There are a ton of great benefits and going to school in the tundra makes it an extra plus because it can make you feel all warm. And if you remember my previous So Obsessed Saturday about Kayla Itsines, she is huge advocate of green tea. It is recommended that you have 2 to 3 cups a day. Here are some fun facts about green tea, some area quite surprising!

1. UV protection: Not only has green tea and its antioxidant catechin been proven to help with skin in terms of wrinkles, but it is also great for an internal protection to UV rays!

2. Diabetes: It has been proven to help regulate glucose levels which can help keep blood sugar low after eating.

3.Cholestorol regulation:. the ECHG antioxidant in green tea is great to help limit the absorption of cholesterol ingot he large intestine.

4. Teeth: One of the many antioxidants found in green tea called catechin plays a huge role in helping to kill bacteria that cause throat infections and other dental conditions. So its great for your sparkly whites!

5. Cancer: Some studies also suggest that it can help lower the risk of certain cancers in those who drink it on a semi-regular basis.

6. Brain: Green tea is great for short term brain function. However it has also been shown that it can help reduce the risk of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s from developing in old age.

Simply swapping green tea in the place of other sugary drink can help you lost weight and stay more hydrated.

It is also important to know that green tea isn’t the only tea great for you so feel free to explore options! Sometimes I also like to drink chai tea or seasonal tea. See where the bliss of tea takes you!

What do you think of green tea or even just tea in general?!