Things To Know When Grieving A Pet


This is something I have been wanting to write for some time. It has taken me a while for a lot of reasons, but most of all it is hard. It is really hard, especially when you consider him your best friend. I needed to experience it all, before I shared this with you. This is written from my personal experience, understanding all of our journeys are so different.

Losing my precious pup Murphy, was somewhat unique as not only did I know it was coming, as he was diagnosed with bone cancer, but I was also out of the country when it happened. In some ways I was fortunate, if you will, as he wasn’t expected to make it by the time I was home for summer, however I did have two months to enjoy him while I was home. (Something that I will forever be grateful for) During the”final few months” , I knew that each time I left, there was a chance that he may not have been there when I returned. These blessings gave me more chances at goodbye.

However, when I left for my study abroad, I knew. People say that they know things in their gut, and this I knew as I sat on the kitchen floor and said goodbye; I knew that it was the last time I would see him. Now of course, I cried, I would have cried even if he was his young and skippy self because all of our goodbyes where always hard.

While I was away, the time came. Shortly afterwards my family came to visit me. This was a blessing as we grieved together, and laughed over the many fond memories. Now it was easy to say that it was unfair that I wasn’t there for moments of goodbye,

But that brings about lesson one from this whole experience: 1.Fairness

Pets teach us a lot , which is impressive on its own as they don’t even need to use words. We realize how selfish as humans we can be, and the fact that an animal (even though pets are so much more than that) can really humble you. We agreed no heroic measures. It wasn’t fair that he was sick, but it wasn’t fair of us to have tried to keep him around for our own fear of heartbreak. When “the time came” Mom contacted me via Facetime and also afterwards. I felt so much peace as she told me how when he fell asleep, he was calm and relaxed. Just knowing the peace he experienced, brought me so much peace.

This brings me to another lesson: 2. Peace

My greatest fear was that he would think we were abandoning him, versus trying to help him and make him comfortable. But knowing that he was finally at peace and calm, that comforted me as if he had told us himself. Now having my family there right after was an amazing blessing, but being away also brought a new challenge that I would only be able to face later.

But fast-forward four weeks and there I was, which brings lesson 3: The Quiet.

My family had had a chance to be home and experience what it was like to have one less beautiful soul in our home, however habit got the best of me. He wasn’t loud, or even much of a barker, but there was just an emptiness that I could always feel in the house, one that I think only time can really heal.

However I think the hardest part that I was always looking, another lesson: 4. Always looking

I wouldn’t expect him to come up to me while I was eating at the table or watching TV on the couch, but the hard part was that I was always looking. Every time I went down stairs to grab something and then run back up I would always make a pit stop to say hi to him, or give him a quick pet. I found myself walking into the foyer, in a way that my feet just kept moving before my mind could tell them not to, and I would get to the spot knowing that he wasn’t going to be there. That was the hardest habit to break. However in the time before I left for school again, I grew some new habits, and I think others in my family did to

Which brings me to the fifth thing you should know: 5. Other dogs.

Of course I have always loved dogs and wanted to pet everyone I saw on the street, but now I feel it even more. Every dog, and I mean every dog is the cutest and I always try to pet him or her. Now in every friendly by nature conversation that came whether with these owners or even just close friends,

Which brings another thing to be ready for: 6. The Questions

The most I experienced were from others. The most common question we were asked, is, “ are you going to get another dog?” At first it almost seemed that having another pup around immediately would soften the blow. That if I just transitioned to another pet I wouldn’t have to sit in the quiet as long, and it wouldn’t hurt as bad. But the more we thought, and talked about it, I think we all knew that that wasn’t us. Ironically towards the end of Murphy’s life I began looking at the available dogs on the adoption page of the place we got Murphy. (Something that I still feel some guilt for) However as I read each ‘available dog’ description, my thoughts always brought me back to realizing and admitting that I was looking for Murphy!  (Interestingly enough once I had admitted to my family that I had done this we all confessed the same, and all had come to the same conclusion.)

Which is perhaps the greatest lesson of all. 7. Love and Memories

Our pets are unique! We are blessed to have interactions and experiences with every single one and the impact that these other souls leave on us isn’t something that can be recreated by another. Therefore, the greatest lesson in losing Murphy was knowing that because of him, I have changed for the better! For anyone who has grieved a pet, or is going through it now, or is going to at some point or another: it is hard. It is going to be really hard, but at the same time I found that the peace that came with knowing that such a loving creature was able to be at peace and somehow always in my heart was just as comforting; as well as the knowledge that I even got to have him in my life at all was enough to counteract the heartbreak. Although I write this mostly for you, at this point I realize it is really for me! Honestly, I cried…a lot while writing this but at the same time I smiled a lot! I know that my best friend is with me, and that might be the greatest gift he has ever given me.

RIP Sweet Murphy!

5 Buzzfeed Quizzes All Dog Lovers Must Take

for all those dog lovers out there here is a list of the must take buzzfeed quizzes…or if you are looking for a little work/school distraction! Good luck

1. What level dog person are you?

            I would have been severely disappointed with anything less and if this shocks you that I got a perfect 10…well then reevaluate this blog as well as the fact that I have a day completely dedicated to my adorable Murphy pup. LOL

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.34.34 PM

2. What kind of dog are you?

            A bit surprised on this one…but then I read the description and understood

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.38.49 PM

3. Can we guess what kind of dog you have? 

                   Alright buzz feed I will Go along with this because I have to admit that a golden retriever and a husky have pretty similar qualities…right…

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.47.25 PM

4.Whats your inner dog breed? 

                   Seems fair enough…I do have a lot of energy a lot of the time!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.51.21 PM

5. What should your dog name be?

                 If Murphy wasn’t Murphy I think Baxter would definitely be the runner up name, and i would definitely accept it for myself.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 4.56.29 PM

how did your quiz results turn out?! Get what you expect?

Flashback Friday: Murphy the Thief

Now I had all intentions of posting this yesterday for a little throwback Thursday to
Murphy and his mischievous days (who am I kidding he is still very mischievous). However here we, it’s Friday, and instead we are having a flashback.

Here at school it is a pretty dreary day so I though I would share something quite laughable to brighten it up for anyone and everyone! So here’s a very classic tale of Murphy, the greatest dog ever.

Now Murphy has quite the personality of his own that makes him very savvy and lovable. Because of this, all of our neighbors in our cul de sac absolutely love him. Were so lucky because they are very ok when we just let him outside, while we are working on outdoor projects, and he is free to roam because he always comes back (Unless he is sneaking a treat from a neighbor)

However, one May Sunday a few years ago, Murphy was gone for a bit longer than usual so we got a little worried. (We live near a very busy intersection, and even though our neighborhood is very tucked back we got nervous he may have wandered little too far, even though his personality and size could’ve stopped traffic anyways)

Any who we rally the troops of my family, searching the neighborhood while calling out “Murphy” and “Treat Treat”.

Now as I was a few blocks away but I heard very distinct screaming, wild crazy screaming. So I started running…and boy what I ran myself into.

All I see is my mother chasing Murphy down our street as he has tongue hanging out of his mouth and he is full speed running home because he knows he’s in trouble.

When I finally catch up to my mother I hear one of the most hilarious stories of my life (I often say that I don’t understand why there is scripted reality TV when you could really just follow me and my family around for a week, and that would suffice because of the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in, like this one.)

Apparently as my mother was searching she heard yelling and once she found the source, she also found Murphy on the deck of complete strangers (to us) ((which is rare because my mother is like the mayor of our neighborhood, BFFs with everyone)) He was on his hind legs eating all of their food from this lovely cookout they had prepared. And almost better (well I guess worse) these poor people were afraid of Murphy because he was so big that they had ran into their house and locked themselves in, therefore just helplessly looking on as Murphy ate their lovely cook out.

Once Murphy saw my Mom he didn’t start running. No. He ate even faster and tried toMurphyMeme see what he could run away with (What a character) My mom finally was able to talk to them and asked what he had eaten and they said “Everything! Pork and chicken – bones and all!”

Needless to say they got the biggest apology we could get and Murphy got chased home. You would all think Murphy was full from his feast with no room for dinner that night, but no he ate it in his usual timing of nearly a minute and a half.

Now if your day is going less than stellar or just need a little midday giggle I hope this helps! At least you don’t have to go and apologize to your neighbor for you pony sized dog eating their very well prepared lunch!

What kind of antics has your pet been up to?!

11 Reasons Your Dog is Your Best Friend

A dog is the only creature on earth that you loves more than he loves himself  

1. They’re a great motivator for exercise, cause how can you say no to puppy dog eyes begging for a walk?!

2. No matter what mood YOU are in, THEY are always happy to see you


3. …even if you just scolded them for tearing up a book or eating your food while you weren’t looking. They are very quick to forgive, as we should be too.


4.They are always down for a cuddle on the couch, especially after a long day!

5.They are the best TV show marathon buddy, because they are great listeners to your outcries when the endings are ridiculous.


6. Really they are the best listeners about anything, especially cause they always keep a secret!

7. Even when they wake you up early with wet slobbery kisses, it’s the best knowing someone misses you so much!

8.You aren’t quite sure how, but they can always tell when you’re sad and are always there to lick away your tears, or quite literally give you a shoulder to cry on.

9. Even when they make you so angry sometimes, a few seconds later you always find yourself laughing because of how cute they are, and because they are already smiling again too.

10. They are the best selfie partner you will ever have.


11.They remind you to be the kind of person they think you are, because to them you are the best and if they believe in you that’s all you need. They should be your role model for your life, as they always have unconditional love.

A Day in the Life of Murphy

I decided to take full advantage of being home with my lovely pup and document a day in the life of Murphy. Now it may have something to do with my crime show obsession that has led me too seeing 80% of the re-runs on TV, and therefore me needing to find a cure for my boredom. So here we are, a day in the life:

8:30 A.M.

Murphy usually wakes up to the hustle and bustle that is our kitchen in the morning, essentially everyone getting ready for the day; but it takes him a bit of time to actually get off HIS couch


9 A.M.

I finally get myself up, well get out of bed actually. I have truly been up since around 7:45 because swimming has programmed my body to wake up early and I guess that’s the scar it will forever leave on my soul. Anyways its time for Murphy to eat his breakfast which is probably his favorite part of the day


9:30 A.M

Then Murphy goes out and roams and barks and lets the whole neighborhood know he is awake and ready to take on his day! (of laying on his couch)


9:45 A.M.

I decided to have my breakfast which is never a solo act, because Murphy likes to see how much he can mooch off of me (cause I’m the weakest link in saying no to him)


12 P.M.

Today was a pretty chill day, full of binge watching TV, however around lunch time he seemed so sad with those puppy dog eyes I gave him a treat.


But I also got him to do a trick for me (We call this paw, most normal people probably call it shake)


12:30 P.M.

Then I finally had my lunch, but someone’s eyes were on me the whole time (Which in his defense is probably fair, because I ended up giving him the crust)


2:30 P.M.

Mommy came home for work which is enough to wake him up from his nap (as he was SO tired from his busy day thus far)


3:15 P.M.

Murphy has had a limp lately (which is why a walk was missing from todays activities) so we went on a trip to the vet, which always makes him excited because he LOVES the car.


Upon arrival he knows treats are in his future, so even with his limp there was pep in his step (well 3 of them at least)


4:15 P.M.

An hour and a new bottle of medicine later we are on our way back home.


4:30 P.M.

We realize Murphy didn’t follow us into the house, so we just assume he’s one of two places

1. Laying in the front yard basking in the sun like the golden stallion he is



Waiting in front of our neighbors house. We will call her Ms.M and she is so sweet, she doesn’t even have a dog but she buys treats just for Murphy, and he picked up on that really quick!

6:00 P.M.

Then its time for Murphy’s dinner, his second favorite part of the day…well probably a tie with every other time he gets to eat.


7:00 P.M.

Now as it’s time for the humans of the house to eat, he lies in wait for droppings (or for me to sneak him something)


8:00 P.M.

Murphy is finally tired and ready for bed (He’s like an old man with his early bed time) But the only person he likes to sit on his couch with is Mommy.


I hope you have enjoyed your day in the life of Murphy, it’s quite exciting to be such a cool pup!