Look Who’s Back…And Then Kind of Going Again

Look who’s back and better than ever : ) Well truly I never left, just took a little break, saw some things, did some things, ate some snacks along the way, ya know how it is. Anywho I decided to create a new place to better organize not only my writings and therefore my ideas, but also my brain because I have a very short attention span.

Essentially the 4 F’s everyone should definitely give, and the four things that I really think are the center of my life: Feminism, Fitness, Food and Fun. Now its a little outside of my nature to be so demanding but you know isn happens. So here we are.

I have a link to my new blog FeFiFoFun, so if you would still like to follow me through the hilarity and adventures of my life, please bring your follow on over. (If I can bribe you with an amazing Peanut Butter Cup Recipe that is actually easy, here is your invitation, it will be up in a day or two!) But if I have to earn your follow back I completely understand! Either way the great fun, food, fitness and a dash of feminism is going to continue, and rest assured it will be lit : )

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