Happy #NationalCoffeeDay

        What a special day for all coffee lover and caffeine connoisseurs. How special of a world to live in that we have a whole day just appreciate coffee. Now I couldn’t really call myself your typical coffee drinker. I don’t drink it for the caffeine or because I love the taste of coffee, but rather I drink it only when I can’t taste it. The only kind I have really had the courage to try is from Dunkin Donuts and with some sort of flavoring, my current favorite is Vainalle Swirl, as well as it over ice.

The best way to enjoy iced coffee is also with your best bud :)

The best way to enjoy iced coffee is also with your best bud 🙂

        As many of you know, I am a huge tea drink (even more so after my time in England, literally the motherland of tea) but I have slowly found my way to a concoction of iced coffee that I actually enjoy. The Dunkin Donuts near my school is funded almost 100% by our school, we don’t have Starbucks so this is the “basic girl” equivalent. This Dunkin is quite special as well, because my usual order here is not my usual order at home. When I ask for a  medium vanilla swirl iced coffee with cream and sugar, I don’t get one cream and one sugar, but rather three. This I didn’t realize for quite sometime, until I went home and tried the same order at my local Dunkin, and when I drank it I COULD ACTUALLY TASTE COFEE…not my fave.

        But then I began to think about how much sugar I was actually consuming by getting three creams AND three sugars in my weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, coffee run. One of the biggest tips on health and fitness that I ever received was to not drink your calories and sugar, and sugar is more of my concern as I have a major sweet tooth. So my healthy tip for my fellow coffee drinkers out there is this. Now my bi-weekly treat of iced coffee still comes over ice, along some vanilla swirl flavoring, but instead of cream I get skim milk and instead of sugar I just have the sweetened version of the vanilla swirl. Sometimes I even switch out skim milk for almond, if Im feeling a little crazy (haha)

        I hope these tips have helped you, and you were able to enjoy your national coffee day!

As someone who stays away from anything that tastes too coffee like, its quite the alternative and I feel much better about having it! What are some of your favorite ways to make your favorite morning pick-me-ups a little better for you?

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