#MurphyMonday Workin at the Pup Wash

This past weekend was full of mayhem…some brought on by the family task of giving Murphy a bath. These past few months have been rough for Murphy as he is ill with cancer and has lost use of his front left leIMG_1712g. He no longer bares any weight on it so he always walks with a limp. Due to his condition we found it best to wash him outside rather than try to get him up the stairs,  despite being sick, he is still a character full of love and patience…even when he is being sprayed with a hose.

4 thoughts on “#MurphyMonday Workin at the Pup Wash

  1. Thanks so much for checking in! Unfortunately it is not. He is pretty old though for a dog his size, (he’s almost 12). We take it day by day, and he still hops along and is still always smiling. He doesn’t always enjoy a bath but he was getting a little stinky lol so we just had to attack him with the hose LOL!


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