OMG New Breakfast Favorite

Alright so I have discovered this amazing and super easy combination for breakfast…or really any time of the day, that is absolutely delicious! I have been having this as breakfast for the past week and a half with apple slices! All it is 3 parts non fat plain Greek yogurt with one part peanut butter. Now I know this isn’t an exact science of measurement but it all depends on the taste you prefer! I enjoy having more yogurt than peanut butter, and plus a little peanut butter goes a long way! Mix it all together and dip apples slices, or really any fruit you wish, and enjoy!

This is an awesome breakfast or even snack because it gets you a serving of fruit (apple) as well as protein, which comes from the peanut butter and the yogurt!

5 thoughts on “OMG New Breakfast Favorite

  1. Hey, I’ve been paying $5.50 for this similar concoction from a place near my work. It’s HEAVENLY. I’m too lazy to make my own haha!
    #4 Peanut Butter and Strawberry

    Another pb breakfast item I like (and I feel like I invented it… well at least I discovered it on my own) is to stir in a tbsp into plain hot oatmeal. YUM.

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