My sincerest apologies for being so MIA lately, I feel like I have only been checking in when I have my usual weekly dues, but I’ve been doing some thinking and tinkering and thats gonna change. I never really told you all (or maybe I did and have just forgotten) how I got around to starting this blog.

It was actually for a school assignment in a communications class, but throughout the entire experience I really loved doing it and decided I wanted to stick with it! So here I am sticking with it, these past few weeks have just really thrown me for a loop just getting back and loving not having to do anything. I suppose what I am saying is be prepared…I feel like I will probably be switching it up a little. I think of this blog as a little bit of everything, so like most other things in my life…we will see where it takes me!

Hope you’re ready for the ride! (:

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