Packing Packing Packing

Wow it has been such a crazy week! Between finals and moving out of my dorm, all of a sudden I realized the last time I posted was Monday! (sincerest apologies XOXO) Now anyone who has ever moved in or out of college…or really moved in general knows the stresses…which can sometimes be amplified if you are not the most organized person in the world like myself. (OOPS… but I think it is a sign of creativity haha)

So I thought I’d share packing wisdom..which I have gained through first hand experience and has provided me with ample anecdotal proof so you can really take my word for it.

1. DO NOT SAVE PACKING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE: It may seem like hey I don’t have many things. But perhaps you and your friends decided on one last night out to see all your friends and say your goodbyes…and then said friend saved all packing until the last minute and 8 am the next day had to take intervals of 3 minutes nap in between long series of movement and even through teamwork it took longer than expected.

2. Attempt to have some sense of size perception: This is a skill that I seriously lack as I promised rides to the airport to three of my friends along, with their large large luggage to fly home, as well as my own belongings in a car that was barely big enough for my belongings alone. Needless to say I had to leave all of my belongings in the locker room as well as sit with luggage on my lap driving to airport…and mom wasn’t super thrilled either. (But hey the more the merrier right…?)

3.Intervally check your drawers while packing: If you are anything like me I have nearly no attention span so I often jump from packing item to packing item, thus thinking I have finished tasks when I really haven’t. So last year when my mother arrived I did a final run through of my empty room to find a drawer full of sweaters…clearly last year was my first moving out experience as well as the biggest learning experience of such activities.

4.Free boxes: I learned this tip from a friend actually, if you go to certain stores such as a Dollar General (at least that is where my friends have found success) and you ask for boxes, they will often give the extras they have from items they’ve just had shipped in.

Do you have a hilarious…perhaps only funny is retrospect moving stories?!  I’d love to hear anything to feel less crazy. Congrats to anyone who just finished a semester and successfully moved out!

3 thoughts on “Packing Packing Packing

  1. Moving can be exciting but yeah, it can be the worst. In the past 5 years I’ve moved between several states and countries; at one point I had everything I owned in two suitcases and a mess of stuffed garbage bags. I agree; packing can NOT wait until the last minute. On the day of my most recent move, last year (fortunately, only a few blocks away), I had planned to get up early, pack it all up super quick, and take the noon bus to Chicago to spend the night with a friend before I had to fly out the next day. I woke up super early and managed to barely make the very last bus at around 6 PM, with all I needed to do. It’s incredible how much cardboard is wasted by businesses, from huge Targets to tiny liquor stores.

    In Houston, I lived near a recycling plant that was very well organized, with a cardboard box recycling area about as big as two large dumpsters, and right before I moved, I literally jumped the fence and threw over as many usable boxes as I could, some of which I still have folded away in the back of the closet should I need to move again. It’s moving time here for college students, and a local nutrition shop had piles of flattened used boxes stacked four feet high, and I was tempted to look through them and see if any were usable.

    Here in Madison, mid-August is known as “Hippie Christmas.” Every single apartment lease ends and begins between August 13-16. Not only are there boxes all over the streets, but pieces of furniture, unworn clothing, appliances, anything that people can’t find a storage unit for or keep in their cars if they’re even moving just across town.


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