Stress Relief Puppies!

Today I received the greatest surprise ever! Stress relief puppies. Now I am not sure if many of you have heard of this, but many colleges are starting to bring in puppies right around finals week to help relieve Students of teh stress that comes along with finals. As any college student knows there is a lot of pressure put on this time of year, and it’s actually scientifically proven that animals, especially dogs, help relieve stress. So here is also a friendly reminder: whatever it is that is stressing you out remember that your life is much bigger than a grade on a test and I promise you, with all my heart that you will be ok no matter the grade you get. So hey if you are feeling stressed maybe all you need is a puppy break!


what are some of the ways that you have found that help you de-stress?

4 thoughts on “Stress Relief Puppies!

  1. I’ve heard of this! My friend volunteers with her dog (not a puppy, but a fully grown huge yellow lab) and they’ve gone to campuses around exam time as stress relief. The students love it! This must have been so nice for you! Look at that sweet little pup. 🙂


  2. A ten second dance party helps! I think the puppy thing is awesome. Some colleges are even allowing students to take their dog to school. They are doing this in my hometown in California! I bet the stress relief puppies helped to take the edge off until you can see Murphy!

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