Throwback Thursday: Trends The Need to Come Back

As I look over this list once again of what should most definitely make a come back, I realize that nearly all of these trends are from 80’s and 90’s but I am so ok with that

Leg warmers: I have loved these forever and love how they are coming back in style, LegWarmsHeels2usually being worn with boots, but I love them almost more when you can pull them off with heels.


Chokers: I love how these look and can give either a edgy or classy addition to any outfit depending on the one you choose. You can also be very creative with how you choker1style them, I love the look of them with layered necklaces at varied lengths!


Windbreakers: Functional and they honestly just look pretty cool with bright colors and being a little oversized on the wearer makes them even more comfy, as well as the athletic vintage feel that they can add to your outfit. And even though most are  pretty out there with the colors you can always choose a more low-key style!


Scrunches: Obsessed. They look so good especially with a high pony and add an adorable feel with a bit of high fashion.scrunche


Accent Braids: I find these so dainty and adorable, as well as the fact that they can AccentBraid1make your hairstyle seem either whimsical by mixing them in underneath, or a little rocker edgy by doing it in a French braid style closer to your head.



Anything you want to add to the list?!

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