Frosty Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! Hopefully this week treated you well! Mr.Murphy at home was definitely treated well (LOL). My mom sent me some of the cutest pictures of the prince himself enjoying some lovely ‘Frosty Paws’.

photo 3Now you may be wondering what on earth are Frosty Paws. Well ice cream is definitely one of the greatest pleasures of this life, and someone decided that dogs should also be able to enjoy the pleasure that is ice cream. It is basally a skippy cup of ice cream for you dog! Murphy is hilarious with them because once we take the top off he runs away with it because he does not like to be disturbed.

This also makes me excited because it is just one more sign of how close summer is! Yay! I can’t wait for the warm weather! Any who Murphy’s favorite flavor is peanut butter.And how can a dog eating ice cream out of his very own skippy cup not make your heart melt?! I guess you could call it somewhat of a summer tradition that we share.

photo 2What are some fun treats you like to share with your furry friend?

6 thoughts on “Frosty Friday

  1. Haha he is watching your mom out of the corner of his eyes “don’t come any closer!”
    My friend got a cup of frozen yogurt at one of those DIY places for her dog on his birthday – he only got the plain vanilla flavour but he devoured it. PB sounds good enough for human consumption!

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