7 Fitness Hacks You Need!

As I have been unable to do my usual workout routine, I have had to get creative in order to stay in some sense of shape. So here is what I have found to be true through both trial and error as well as through some research!


1.STAIRS: Up and down take them everywhere. It’s a great work out for your legs and bum and you won’t ever be waiting for an elevator…or the awkward ride with strangers to be over.water

2.Water: carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. you’d be surprised how
much more you will drink when it just happens to be around you! Plus hydration is a huge part of your health that often goes over looked.

3.Posture: the more I have made myself aware of my posture the more I have realized how bad it is. not only is it great for your back but it is also awesome for working on your core strength. Start out in trying to maintain good posture for just 5 minutes and you’ll notice the difference, even in just how much higher Postureyou can sit up!

4.Walk: If you can, try to walk to class or work or wherever you need to go even if it is just a small errand. You will probably save money on gas or even a bus fare, and every extra step counts! Even if it requires you too get up a little earlier, just walking once a week can make a huge difference!

5.Get a good night sleep: People often underestimate the affect a good nights sleep can have on your health and it is huge! you should hopefully get 8 hours every night, but not only will it make you happier and more ready to take on your day but gives you more energy to do something a little extra with your workout, as well as keep you body in tip top shape.

Lack of Sleep

6. Commercial breaks: Even if you find yourself unable to do much, taking the three minutes during a commercial break to do some leg lifts will not only help you tone but also will go by so fast because of the televise distraction!

7. Parking: If you do drive somewhere, park as far as you can from your destination, as long as it is safe. Just like before every step counts!


What are some little ways that you help your health?!

6 thoughts on “7 Fitness Hacks You Need!

  1. I live in a split level house which makes stair climbing mandatory from the moment you enter my front door. I really feel that having lived in this house throughout my pregnancy has really kept me from putting on excess weight despite my not the best eating habits. The laundry room is downstairs…the kitchen is up, my office is down, my daughter’s room is up, my son’s room is down, the play room is up, the television is downstairs…okay okay you get the picture…stair climbing is a huge part of our daily routine, and despite how much I loathe it I try to see the silver lining of all the exercise we are getting.

    One trick I did when I needed to lose quite a bit of weight was portion control. If I went out to eat I ordered a to go box with it. I would start out by loading half of the dish into the to go box so that I could heat that up again for another meal, and it kept the amount of food I ate each meal under control. And apps on your phone that help you track calorie intake vs. exercise also helped me quite a bit!

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    • It can almost be a blessing in disguise sometimes to have so many stairs LOL! and oh yes that is a great idea! I had read that once and somehow I had never gotten around to getting myself to do it, but knowing that it worked for you is very encouraging for me to give it a go! Thanks for stopping by and sharing! 🙂

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