Flashback Friday: Murphy the Thief

Now I had all intentions of posting this yesterday for a little throwback Thursday to
Murphy and his mischievous days (who am I kidding he is still very mischievous). However here we, it’s Friday, and instead we are having a flashback.

Here at school it is a pretty dreary day so I though I would share something quite laughable to brighten it up for anyone and everyone! So here’s a very classic tale of Murphy, the greatest dog ever.

Now Murphy has quite the personality of his own that makes him very savvy and lovable. Because of this, all of our neighbors in our cul de sac absolutely love him. Were so lucky because they are very ok when we just let him outside, while we are working on outdoor projects, and he is free to roam because he always comes back (Unless he is sneaking a treat from a neighbor)

However, one May Sunday a few years ago, Murphy was gone for a bit longer than usual so we got a little worried. (We live near a very busy intersection, and even though our neighborhood is very tucked back we got nervous he may have wandered little too far, even though his personality and size could’ve stopped traffic anyways)

Any who we rally the troops of my family, searching the neighborhood while calling out “Murphy” and “Treat Treat”.

Now as I was a few blocks away but I heard very distinct screaming, wild crazy screaming. So I started running…and boy what I ran myself into.

All I see is my mother chasing Murphy down our street as he has tongue hanging out of his mouth and he is full speed running home because he knows he’s in trouble.

When I finally catch up to my mother I hear one of the most hilarious stories of my life (I often say that I don’t understand why there is scripted reality TV when you could really just follow me and my family around for a week, and that would suffice because of the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in, like this one.)

Apparently as my mother was searching she heard yelling and once she found the source, she also found Murphy on the deck of complete strangers (to us) ((which is rare because my mother is like the mayor of our neighborhood, BFFs with everyone)) He was on his hind legs eating all of their food from this lovely cookout they had prepared. And almost better (well I guess worse) these poor people were afraid of Murphy because he was so big that they had ran into their house and locked themselves in, therefore just helplessly looking on as Murphy ate their lovely cook out.

Once Murphy saw my Mom he didn’t start running. No. He ate even faster and tried toMurphyMemeΒ see what he could run away with (What a character) My mom finally was able to talk to them and asked what he had eaten and they said “Everything! Pork and chicken – bones and all!”

Needless to say they got the biggest apology we could get and Murphy got chased home. You would all think Murphy was full from his feast with no room for dinner that night, but no he ate it in his usual timing of nearly a minute and a half.

Now if your day is going less than stellar or just need a little midday giggle I hope this helps!Β At least you don’t have to go and apologize to your neighbor for you pony sized dog eating their very well prepared lunch!

What kind of antics has your pet been up to?!

9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Murphy the Thief

  1. hahaha! What a cheeky dog Murphy is πŸ˜› Reminds me of the time my over-excitable dog bolted out of the house and down the street. After we caught her, we found out that she’d spent her time ‘out in the open’ attempting to play with a group of elderly ladies who were going to a nearby church! (and by attempting to play, I mean jumping at their ankles and trying to get into their car!)
    Great post! It made me chuckle πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

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