So Obsessed Saturday: Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

Kindness First off, I owe you all an apology for my lack of presence this week. On Tuesday I had shoulder surgery due to some swimming related issues (only increasing the love hate relationship) which has put me out for a bit. Which brings me to a fun fact… I am typing this with my left hand only, therefore it takes me a bit of time to write these. Which brings me to my second tidbit… this weeks post is going to be a little on the short side. But that isn’t the only thing that makes it a little different.  As I have been going on with my usual routine (quite comically i might add) I have been lucky enough to experience so many random acts of kindness. Hence the RAK. I think that random acts of kindness are often vastly underrated. All it takes is two seconds of your time to do something simple for someone else. Now there are million ways you can do a random act of kindness from holding a door open for someone or something a bit larger like paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru. So this week I challenge you to do one random act of kindness and see how it changes your day. Whether it is a text to a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while to have a good day or volunteering in your community. We have the power to make the world a better place, and changing the world isn’t going to happen in one grand gesture. It’s going to happen when each and every one of us takes the responsibility individually to make a a difference and decide the positive future this world can have. Let me know below your random act of kindness and pass along the message of random acts of kindness. be the change

3 thoughts on “So Obsessed Saturday: Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

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