Princess Adventures

I love the idea of adventure. Last minute detours and doing things you haven’t done before is always worth your while. My love for it is what has brought me to the in-between of princess without the tutu: some girly girl and some adventure and a little dash of this and that. I can honestly say that I used to be a very cautious person, nearly living in fear of getting in trouble. Perhaps it was because I also thought that authority had to like me, a teachers pet like trait, but also I was always scared what people might think. And I don’t know when I grew out of that, but somehow I did and I wouldn’t change a thing.

My most recent detour inspired adventure came last night when my good friends and I were driving home from school for Easter break. Our swim coach wanted us to send in road trip selfies, since so many swimmers were traveling together and then she could post them. As we drove home we decided that we were in it to win it,  in this self deemed competition.

So, as we arrived at 12:15 A.M. on the GW parkway right outside of Washington DC, we knew we could smash everyone else selfies with a selfie in front of the National Monument.


But of course we think, well our chance at a good night sleep is already botched so why not just hit another national landmark while were out and about. Which brings us to the Lincoln Memorial


I think everyone finds themselves complacent with our lives, or at least our surroundings at one time or another. For me it was realizing that I live with one of the most powerful and historic cities in the world in my backyard, and last night was one of the few nights I took advantage of its great beauty. The politics and rush were asleep and there was just peace. I have never felt peace quite like it. The stars were out, the air was calm and there was just silence, and I saw the deep rooted beauty that brings people back to feeling passion for where they come from at the end of the day. You put away all the back and forth of politics and rules and everything that many try to shame Washington DC for and you can feel why it is such a magnificent place.


At 1:00 AM on Wednesday I found myself in the most powerful city in the world just listening to the past and the future. A stunning beauty that I had never seen for as long as I and lived here. Learning to take risk has left me with moments I can cherish along with the people I spent them with.

Sure I may have missed out on some adventures along the way by saying no out of fear of getting in trouble (however this is not me condoning ridiculously radical behavior either haha). Hopefully I am not the only person who has ever felt that way. But then I wouldn’t have experienced what the feeling of regret is when you say no to to something that you really want to do and always wonder what fun you could’ve had. Now there’s a difference between saying no to something that you know is wrong or ridiculous, but I had always found myself saying no to perfectly good situations. Perhaps a resolution within myself was to say a yes a little more, but however it came about I am so very happy that it did, or else I would have missed out on nights like this.

Enjoy. Enjoy the present, past, and future. Enjoy your adventures.

I hope to hear how you have found adventure around you! Let me know below!

2 thoughts on “Princess Adventures

  1. I too am venturing out more and saying yes. And I totally get what you are saying. I’m not a fan of doing reckless bad stuff but good fun is good! Getting out of my comfort zone more! Happy spring! 🙂


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