11 Reasons Your Dog is Your Best Friend

A dog is the only creature on earth that you loves more than he loves himself  

1. They’re a great motivator for exercise, cause how can you say no to puppy dog eyes begging for a walk?!

2. No matter what mood YOU are in, THEY are always happy to see you


3. …even if you just scolded them for tearing up a book or eating your food while you weren’t looking. They are very quick to forgive, as we should be too.


4.They are always down for a cuddle on the couch, especially after a long day!

5.They are the best TV show marathon buddy, because they are great listeners to your outcries when the endings are ridiculous.


6. Really they are the best listeners about anything, especially cause they always keep a secret!

7. Even when they wake you up early with wet slobbery kisses, it’s the best knowing someone misses you so much!

8.You aren’t quite sure how, but they can always tell when you’re sad and are always there to lick away your tears, or quite literally give you a shoulder to cry on.

9. Even when they make you so angry sometimes, a few seconds later you always find yourself laughing because of how cute they are, and because they are already smiling again too.

10. They are the best selfie partner you will ever have.


11.They remind you to be the kind of person they think you are, because to them you are the best and if they believe in you that’s all you need. They should be your role model for your life, as they always have unconditional love.

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