Lessons From Glitter Queen Kesha

As I sit here in my dorm room and it’s raining all that I can thinking about is “throw some glitter, make it rain.” An infamous line by none of then the Glitter goddess KE$haha herself. Now whether you love her or you hate her you have to admit she has some pretty catchy tunes and her glitter obsession is on par with mine so how could I not be obsessed?!

Although some of her lyrics are controversial, I think her underlying message of loving yourself and being confident exactly as you are is so important that i put together a list of my faves!


 whether you are getting ready for a night out with girls or you need to dance away the stress from your day, plug in your iPod and dance your pants off!


5.die young-now i will admit that the concept is somewhat morbid however, the idea behind it (that we should reall yjust leave each moment to teh fullest) is so true, and often lost in the day to day. Even on a day that I am stuck inside because of rain I should find some way to make it great.

4.your love is my drug-this song is DEFINITELY in my top most played  songs on my ipod as i can listen to it on repeat and not get tired of it. also i have never meet anyone who can say that they never had someone they can’t off their off their mind, ESPECIALLY when everyone is telling you its not a good idea. But hey its your life and if you never try tou never know!

3. blah blah blah-although the lyrics are somewhat risque i think it definitely has something to say about not selling yourself short with the people around you! have poeple around you who are worth your beauty, confidence, and education, not poeple who look to undermine you and what you have to offer!

2.we r who we r-the day you fall in love with yourself, strengths, quirks, and shortcomings included will teh greatest day of your life. You should never feel as if you dont deserve to fully embrace who you are.

1. Tik-tok- Not only did this song put kesha on the map but it’s just so catchy you can never resist singing along.and as an underlying theme kesha has total CONFIDENCE with exactly where she is in her life and doing what she is doing. all that matters is that you are happy and confident!

Alright so this may have turned into deep life lessons taken from Ke$haha songs. Although I think that people underestimate the artistry behind such music, which probably does sound crazy. But I don’t think the important life lessons that can be taken from such alternative music should be diminished simply because of the genre and way they are presented. You can find your inspiration anywhere!

Throw Some Glitter and Have a Great Day!

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