So Obsessed Saturday: Kayla Itsines


The great thing about social media is how many people you can stumble upon that you probably would not have come across otherwise! I have often expressed the struggle I come into when trying to find a workout plan over the offseason, as searching anything on the internet yields a million different, and often contradicting, bits of information.

However, a little while ago I stumbled upon an Australian work out champ, whom I think is great for anyone from a beginner to a pro to take a look at! Kayla Itsines, began personal training a few years ago, and the great thing is that she is so very real, as is the community that she has created. I don’t want this to come off as simply a promotional post because I want all that I write about to be truly honest; which is exactly how this is! She uses the real examples of people who have had success, and shows their transformations and the fact is that they are real people. It’s easy for some celebrity to endorse a workout regime when they have personally trainers galore. However, when real people have success I think that says so much more!


I feel comfortable enough with the workouts that I choose to do, because I think they really work of me, but sometimes I get a little lost when it comes to nutrition. However once I stumbled upon Kayla I have been gathering different tips and tricks that really help me. For example what to eat pre and post workout and what foods are good at disguising themselves as healthy, but in reality aren’t that great at all!

Her workout plan is called the Bikini Body Training Guide, that is a 12 week plan of workouts that you can purchase.There is also the HELP guide, which focuses solely on nutrition. However I didn’t feel that I was at a place that I needed to purchase either guides, so I just signed up for her free weekly e-mail updates and got a free week of wrokouts which is awesome because its enough that I can use a workout when I want to switch things up!

For example, if you remember my post from a while ago, (Incline walking), I will often complete that and then do her ab circuit from her free week of workouts! They are supposed to work that you do as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 7 minutes, rest a minute and then do it again. Then you do the same with the next column, so the workout only last 28 minutes. However, I am usually exhausted post incline workout so I often just try to go straight through the circuit once, or even twice if I feel up for it! (  )


It is also very helpful because since all the information comes from the same source all the information fits together and you don’t get conflicting ideas, which can often be so frustrating! Anyone who feels a little lost in the workout and fitness department should definitely check her out! You can find her on Instagram ( ) and sign up for free tips and blog posts each week on her website (!

Working out and healthy can often be daunting especially with all the different messages women receive about how they should be. I think Kayla sends a great message that everyones ideal is going to be different. She also stresses how it isn’t about being super skinny, but being strong and happy!

I hope this has helped give anyone who seems a little overwhelmed a little guidance. I find the most frustrating part to be that I feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions with so many sources, that it is refreshing to have one place I can go to that I for sure trust!I am obsessed with not only the workouts she provides but also trust the environment, because sometimes we all need a little motivation!

Do you already have somewhere you go for workout and fitness ideas/advice? Let me know below! Let’s all help each other out on our fitness journeys!

Strong is the new sexy

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