7 Glitter and Glam Pinterest Inspired-Nails

Nothing better than nails that look like they took hours, when they really took minutes. Here are my top picks below! Let me know your favorites below!

1. Why it’s great: Only takes one design on one finger to give your nails an extra hint of glam!

2.  Why it’s great: Convenient to multipurpose other makeup tools! (AND SPARKLE)

3. Why it’s great: Gold will always be classy!

4. Why it’s great: Black and white is always classic and you can as few or as many lines as you like!

5. Why it’s great: Matte looks like you spent a pretty penny at a salon but really its all at home, plus a little splash of glitter is always a plus! 

6. Why it’s great: The gold adds some sparkle and the blue (or whatever color you choose) accentuates the gold even more! Plus layers are always better for nails for longer lasting!

7.Why it’s great: Dots are hard to mess up even when you are on the run and are quick to dry!


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