A Day in the Life of Murphy

I decided to take full advantage of being home with my lovely pup and document a day in the life of Murphy. Now it may have something to do with my crime show obsession that has led me too seeing 80% of the re-runs on TV, and therefore me needing to find a cure for my boredom. So here we are, a day in the life:

8:30 A.M.

Murphy usually wakes up to the hustle and bustle that is our kitchen in the morning, essentially everyone getting ready for the day; but it takes him a bit of time to actually get off HIS couch


9 A.M.

I finally get myself up, well get out of bed actually. I have truly been up since around 7:45 because swimming has programmed my body to wake up early and I guess that’s the scar it will forever leave on my soul. Anyways its time for Murphy to eat his breakfast which is probably his favorite part of the day


9:30 A.M

Then Murphy goes out and roams and barks and lets the whole neighborhood know he is awake and ready to take on his day! (of laying on his couch)


9:45 A.M.

I decided to have my breakfast which is never a solo act, because Murphy likes to see how much he can mooch off of me (cause I’m the weakest link in saying no to him)


12 P.M.

Today was a pretty chill day, full of binge watching TV, however around lunch time he seemed so sad with those puppy dog eyes I gave him a treat.


But I also got him to do a trick for me (We call this paw, most normal people probably call it shake)


12:30 P.M.

Then I finally had my lunch, but someone’s eyes were on me the whole time (Which in his defense is probably fair, because I ended up giving him the crust)


2:30 P.M.

Mommy came home for work which is enough to wake him up from his nap (as he was SO tired from his busy day thus far)


3:15 P.M.

Murphy has had a limp lately (which is why a walk was missing from todays activities) so we went on a trip to the vet, which always makes him excited because he LOVES the car.


Upon arrival he knows treats are in his future, so even with his limp there was pep in his step (well 3 of them at least)


4:15 P.M.

An hour and a new bottle of medicine later we are on our way back home.


4:30 P.M.

We realize Murphy didn’t follow us into the house, so we just assume he’s one of two places

1. Laying in the front yard basking in the sun like the golden stallion he is



Waiting in front of our neighbors house. We will call her Ms.M and she is so sweet, she doesn’t even have a dog but she buys treats just for Murphy, and he picked up on that really quick!

6:00 P.M.

Then its time for Murphy’s dinner, his second favorite part of the day…well probably a tie with every other time he gets to eat.


7:00 P.M.

Now as it’s time for the humans of the house to eat, he lies in wait for droppings (or for me to sneak him something)


8:00 P.M.

Murphy is finally tired and ready for bed (He’s like an old man with his early bed time) But the only person he likes to sit on his couch with is Mommy.


I hope you have enjoyed your day in the life of Murphy, it’s quite exciting to be such a cool pup!

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