So Obsessed Saturday: Murphy Bartus Quinn

So if you have been following or even just sporadically passing through my blog you will know that I am obsessed with my dog. This obsession has been renewed as I am finally home for spring break and finally get to see my adorable, 85-pound golden retriever pup once again.

In case you missed the reunion on Twitter:

A live action shot from my steps in the door after a 7-hour car ride. Would have been 6, but according to my friends I have the bladder capacity of a newborn baby.

A live action shot from my steps in the door after a 7-hour car ride. Would have been 6, but according to my friends I have the bladder capacity of a newborn baby.

Now that I am back with the love of my life, I thought I would finally give the full story as to how this whole obsession began.

We adopted Murphy when I was in the 4th grade, on my dad’s birthday. We got him from this amazing place called GRREAT (check out to find some other lovely pups who need a home) When he was just 6 months old his original owner just took off his collar and let him go free. (Now I just can’t comprehend this because he is so cute now, and imagine the cuteness factor at 6 months old!) Any who, he wandered the streets and was a stray for a whole year (aww), until he got hit by a car! (plot twist) (not a funny one but there’s a good ending…sorry spoiler)

But this became a blessing in disguise, as the nice lady who hit him took him to the hospital and got him all fixed up, and then even found him a home at a place called GRREAT. GRREAT is an adoption agency that finds homes for golden retrievers. Although when we were looking my mother swore off even the notion of getting a dog, today he is her third child, and honestly sometimes her favorite.

We picked out Murphy online because of his little biography and adorable picture, and because my paternal grandma’s maiden name was Murphy, so some people (dad) thought it could be grandma Julie in her other life. He came for his visit and it really was love at first sight.

9 years later and he is still the crazy puppy we first got. Now 10 is pretty old for a golden retriever, but nothing slows Murphy down. His favorite activities include stealing food off the table (cause he can reach), sleeping on his own designated couch with his own sheets (yes, an entire couch just for him), drinking water (it sounds like a waterfall), pretending to want to go outside so you will get up and leave your food unattended, and avoiding baths at all costs.

Sure I seem crazy because I am in love with my dog, but I don’t think a lot of people who haven’t grown up with a dog really know what it’s like. The funny thing about dogs is that they only think about you. They may be just a sliver of your world (unless your me, then he’s a chunk) but to them you are there everything. It’s kind of a funny thought that an animal is living in your home and can mean so much but , I rarely find myself thinking that way anymore. Sometimes we joke that Murphy is just a human in a dog suit, but really that’s what it seems like. He has his own personality and characteristics that can be noticed.

However, I think the greatest thing that Murphy always reminds me is to be the person he thinks I am. Dogs don’t really get angry at humans, you could yell at them and then 10 seconds later they will wag their tail at you cause they are excited to see you. In their eyes you can do no wrong, you’re basically perfect. I think if everyone lived like the kind of people dog’s thought we were, this world would be a very different place.


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