So Obsessed Saturday: THIS WORKOUT

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.39.21 AMAs you know I am currently in the most wonderful of the year for any collegiate athlete: OFFSEASON! Oh…what a treat it is to have all this time. And yes I am one of those annoying people who actually loves working out, but sometimes it can be hard to switch up my workouts!

I think Pinterest is great resource for workouts (and really everything) because it has just about anything you could be looking for! I found this treadmill workout on Pinterest and have really been obsessed. I am not a huge fan of running (obviously I am only really coordinated in the water). Sometimes I can do it for workout but a straight 1 hour run doesn’t really appeal to me, especially on a treadmill.

However Pinterest peaked my interest in incline walking workouts, and man do they kick my butt. Its such a great alternative to running and you can really feel it working and toning! Here is the workout I have been doing throughout the week. And remember you never have to a workout at face value! We aren’t all built the same and different hints works best for different people – so do what works for you!

I love how it shows the times making it easy to keep track, and I guarantee that you will be dripping sweat once your done but your legs will be in tip top shape if you keep at it!


Happy working out!

I’ve also attached my Pinterest workout board! Take a look at other workouts I love!

Gave it a go?! Let me know how it went below!

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