G.N.O. Glitters Night Out

3 easy ways to add some glitter to your girls night out!


1. Glam up your nails! Probably the easiest way to add a little sparkle because they require nearly no maintenance throughout the night!


Or if that seems a little complicated when you’re getting ready quick-go with the classic accent nail!


2. Shoes! That pair of shoes that where so cute and convinced yourself to buy, but are a little on the crazy side and have yet to wear? WELL BREAK THEM OUT SISTA FRIEND!

After all the higher the heels the closer to heaven… am I right?!


If you’re feeling particularly crafty you can always make your own! If its not on Pinterest can it really be done?


3.Last but not least Makeup!

Now I’m not saying go full Ke$ha (who I do love BTW)


But a little sparkle on the eye can be done in a tasteful and fun way!


Now I know we don’t all live at a MAC up counter and have the miraculous steady hand to get eh perfect eye-liner, but hey there’s always ways to do the at-home version. A line of black eyeliner with some light colored eye shadow layered with whatever sparkle you have will do just fine! Play outside the lines a little!



And Enjoy your night out! It’s Friday you deserve it!


What’s your favorite way to wear glitter out?! Let me know below!

Check out even more glitter ideas from my Pinterest linked below!

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