Oh My Oscars!

Alright here it goes the Oscars glamour recap in order of total bombshell to bust.


Lupita Nyong’o: Her pearls and calm shimmer at the bottom of her dress screams class and looks amazing on her


Jenna Dewan Tatum: As I am sure most ladies will agree Jenna could wear a burlap sack and still win at life because of the man candy on her arm. However she brings it back to herself with this gorgeous gown, that has enough clean white class with a smidge of reveal.


Ryan Hawke: Her vintage almost Marilyn Monroe look dazzled me. Mostly because I love the Marilyn Monroe era, but also her dash of red lipstick sky-rocketed her level of class with her side-swept blonde hair. She rocked this, and especially with her bad-ass name.


Jennifer Aniston: Considering how far I am into Friends it would be a crime to not be in love with Jennifer Aniston for her just as she is. But if you need a reason here’s one: this effortless Oscars look shows why so many people love her. Its so easy going but also so classy with showing just a little leg and a color that doesn’t draw to much attention to the dress but rather to the amazing person wearing it!


Anna Kendrick: Perhaps I am biased because Pitch Perfect is my spirit animal (if movies can be spirit animals) but Anna Kendrick adds maturity to her otherwise ‘cups’ run reputation. She brings in a little class with being to wow and in your face


Emma Stone: Emma Stone or Emma Stunna? Enough said.


Luciana Duvall: As fairy like as this is, I think she pulls it off. Sure it could also work in the Barbie Fairy Forest real life movie, but somehow it fits on the red carpet because it is classy in both cut and color.

PAtricia Arquettte

Patricia Arquette: Although she isn’t the most glamorous of the Oscars, she definitely deserves her shout out for her class in her acceptance speech on equal pay for women. Its 2015 we have landed on the moon and this issue should be so yesterday.


Nicole Kidman: I of all people am always ready for someone who’s head to glitter or sequins, but Nicole I’m sorry, you’re a doll, but this doesn’t really do it. It seems like it should be cut into a skirt for a teen to wear to her first high school party.


Hannah Bagshawe: Oh Hannah. I loved this I really did, even though it wasn’t glitter overload it was definitely different and just stunning…until I couldn’t stop staring at the feather pelts attached to her belt. So close! At least they has something to dust off her husbands Best Actor Oscar with.


Laura Dern: I love the shine, really I do. But I also feel like she is ready to ride into battle with her chain-linked armor, along with the holy lords medallion around her neck that will bring her strength in battle!

Hope you’ve enoyed this review

Love Me, Jen and Emma



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