So Obsessed Saturday (on Sunday): Close Finishes

My apologies fellow glitter geeks for my lack of presence this week and for being behind with my Saturday post. I was in Geneva, Ohio for the Atlantic 10 Swimming and Diving Championships, where the Wi-Fi was severely lacking. As I’ve told you before swimming is my main workout for 6 months of the year. Now swimming is pretty rough to find yourself in for so long (ultimate love hate relationship). But it’s coming to big meets like this that remind me why I love it so much.

Which brings me to my latest obsession: Close Races. Sure that sounds dumb, because often people think swimming is quite silly. I mean staring at a black line going back and forth, flinging your arms every which way and then you’re done. Swimming does get a glimpse of glory every once in a while, and by that I mean every 4 years when the Olympics roll around and swim lessons get the biggest spike in participants.

SO here I am to convert you into a fellow race-watching junkie, and then you can impress all your non-swim friends with your knowledge of the greatest swims in history (even if you barely know what you are talking about. Below I have attached two of the closest races of all times, that are undoubtedly going down in history.

Men’s 4 x 100 Freestlye Relay at Beijing Olympics

-In this race France had been favorites for the 4 x 100 relay, and had made it quite clear they where coming after USA. Over the course of the race it looked as if France would pull it off, however Jason Lezack makes a heroic name for himself by pulling out this win, and over taking the lead in the last 50 of the entire race! (This also won Phelps his second gold medal of the meet which eventually would add to his total 8 breaking the record for most golds at a meet by an athlete)

(For full race skip to 2:04;  for the final leg 4:23)

Another swimming bonus is that very little is for sure. The race isn’t over untilt he race is over. This amazing take over by team USA shows why you should never give up or give in. And d you can even hear the announcer say he doesn’t think he can do it, which goes to show that no one believes it until it’s done!

Michael Phelps 100 Butterfly Finish and win by .01 seconds

-Tune in at 2:56 to see the full race, minus all of the introduction. Phelps out touches his fellow American opponent by .01, which not only wins him the gold but also gives him a 7th gold medal which eventually helps him set the record for most gold medals won in an Olympic games. (8)

Jus tlike anything in life you have to believe that you can. And you cant quite despite odds. The best thing you can do for yourself is to bet on yourself.

Hopefully this has peaked your interest in some swim racing, but to be honest nothing will ever compare to seeing something in person. At a meet there is truly magic in the air, because anything really can happen.


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