A Hump Day Happy Thought

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.”

The middle of the week usually goes one of two ways. You can think ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL FRIDAY, or two WHOLE more days until friday.
hump day
That perspective can make huge difference, and if you find yourself with that latter, and one bad thought can really put you down in the dumps.  Everyone once in a while I can find myself so very caught up in everything that is going on around me. Whether it is good or bad, exciting or stressful. I love this quote because I think it is such a great reminder.

Now this can go both ways. Yes life may be great and wonderful now and we should embrace that, but we should also be excited for what the future holds! It is so great that what we think is great now will just be added to the jar of great things that have happened that we will experience in the future!
On the same note, you can find yourself caught up in little (or big) things going on around you that can make you feel down or frustrated, this may be the most comforting thing to    imagine. It can be easy to get caught up in things going on around you because it can feel like everything. Whether it is grades at school or even friend drama, just that thought can be so uplifting! And half the time the time we have the control to replace the negative thoughts in our mind with positive ones! It can actually make a difference. When you start to take control of your own mind, its amazing how much better you can feel.
Maybe give yourself a little time today to think about the future and what you are most excited for, hell even make a goal for the future!
Hope this brought a little glitter to your day!

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