So Obsessed Saturday: The Warm Glow of My Television


Similar to the Simpsons I know what it’s like to feel real comfort from the glow of your TV, or in my case my laptop.

What kind of obsession is that Emily? Well let me tell you. I go to school in the tundra, which isn’t an exaggeration. The high for temperatures this Monday is -3 degrees so just let that melt into your mind for a sec (I’m punny). Now the only thing really keeping me warm this Valentine’s Day is the warm glow from my television.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my school, hell it’s an obsession all in its own (but that’s for another Saturday). The only downside is the near constant cold and snowy weather, which is literally the vastest understatement ever. The Fall and Spring are so gorgeous, but mostly gorgeous because they are far to short, and therefore even more appreciated. To put it bluntly class could be held an igloo, and that wouldn’t be strange. However along with the chilling circumstances there are a few things that you have to deal with. To not be obsessed with that warm glow would be near impossible with some of the antics that this cold weather provides:

-Leaving morning practice with wet hair

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 7.08.20 PM

and it turns into real frozen daggers.

-That strange sensation when you breathe in through your nose and you can feel your nose hairs frozen. (One of those things you never want to wish on one of your enemies)

-Sure slipping happens to the best of us at least once, however slipping inside, outside, up and down the stairs, almost once a week here is more common than sunshine between the months of October and February. *an extra 10 points if you are also carrying hot tea and it spills on your hand (:

-Learning to walk like a penguin with your weight balanced forward is very important in these situations, for some scientific gravity involving reason I’m sure but all I know is that I fall down less.


*I guess this diagram proves something

-And never forget: despite any slipping you may see

Dog slipping gif

You must never forget the rule of slipping karma

man slipping gif

Full video:

-Snow days are more of a punch line around here, because well walking to class in a blizzard is more like an extra workout around here! However the excuse, my homework is sopping wet from the snow will get you farther than most places!

And for these reasons this week I have been far more obsessed with the warm glow of my TV, or even just my computer

*guess what I’m watching?!

Yep, still Friends Season 8 Episode 15 (and the occasional Scandal), which I know isn’t that much of progress but I’m a busy girl!

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