Wednesday With A Side of Workout

I classify my workout as one of my all time obsessions! However being a collegiate swimmer, I am rarely in control of my work out (at least during season)! Swimming is an interesting sport as it requires ridiculous amounts of training that often go through cycles, and our current cycle is taper or rest. For example, right now we are preparing for our big conference meet 6 days from today (I can assure you we are all counting down the days). In preparation for that we have cut down tremendously in our yardage and have done more sprinting with longer periods of rest than usual, all in the hopes of going best times at our meet.

Once offseason comes around we get much more of our lives back, however I find myself never dropping my workout, but just doing it in a different way! Working out on my own may be one of my favorite parts of offseason because I get to switch it up as I please and get to go on my own schedule! As I get back into my off-seaon routine I can’t wait to share with you all my workouts and my favorite healthy recipes. One of my favorite places for everything workout is Pinterest, as you can find just about any variety of workout that you please, and then keep it all in one place, on a workout board! I recently found one of my favorite workout ideas, that are great for when you feel like doing a little something extra and is great for anyone who likes to see exactly what they have accomplished with a little reward! Done workout

This is a great idea because it gives you that satisfaction of getting to check off something done! One of the first tips for working out and eating well is to not train yourself into thinking that food should be a reward after a workout because this can lead to binging and even digressing on your getting in shape success, which is why I think this is so great! Simply write out exercises along with the number of reps, and place them all in your ‘Daily Workout’ cup, and once completed you can move them over to done! And for the nerd in me theres the added bonus of being surprised about your workout.

I’ve attached some of my favorite short exercises:

20 push-ups

1 minute plank, 30 second right side plank, 30 second left side plank

50 regular crunches with knees in the air

1 minute wall-sit

25 squats

30 sit-ups (with feet on the ground)

50 jumping jacks

15 8-count burpees (I’ve attached a how to video in case you aren’t sure how to:

50 lace touches (legs straight in the air and reach extended arms to toes bringing shoulder blades off ground)

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