Glitter and Glam at the Grammys

The Grammys are a showcase of fashion all their own. Half of the show is the outfits that make their way across the red carpet. Now being as glitter obsessed as I am, I am always looking out for the top outfits of the night. Although some made some great cases for sparkle, I have to say I was fairly disappointed in the overall case made for sparkle and shine, however I have included my top bottom and two of the night below!

In the case of Kim Kardashian, I appreciate her effort to bring a little pizazz however her overriding cleavage takes the class away from the outfit. Although I am not the biggest Kardashian fan, I do like to give them credit when it comes to style. Sorry Kim, think you should have covered a little more and let the mystery speak for itself!


Nicki Minaj had a step up from Kim Kardashian simply because of her slightly more conservative look. Also she did a great job of picking a color that was slightly off the status quo of classic sparkle which is usually sticks to the hues of silver and gold. I personally could have done without the fringed bottom, however it totally screams Nicki’s over the top and unexpected personality.


Rita Ora had another glitter hit this past weekend with her head to silver and white shimmer. It not only compliments her shape very well but screams elegance. She really knows how we glitter girls do.


Katy Perry gets the top rating for this years Grammy glitz. She showed off a great mix of good taste and fun in her Grammy’s outfit, and not only because she rocked the glitter from head to toe. She used a classy dress and simple belt to help compliment her amazing shape without showing to much skin, but the nude color of the dress upped the sexy factor making it edgy enough to be a Grammy top outfit.


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