So Obsessed Saturday: Friends

So it begins my current obsession. Some may argue that I use the word obsession loosely, however if you have ever met me you will realize that for me it is completely accurate. My obsession this week (for a few weeks now) is Friends. If you have been alive since the new year you will know that they recently released the 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix. I would definitely describe my relationship with Netlifx as that: a relationship, we spend a lot of time together.


Anyone who has a relationship with Netflix knows how it goes. You find a series, binge watch it until its end, and then experience a whirlwind of crashing depression as the series is over and no other series will ever spark you interest and soul just the same. Until one does and the vicious cycle begins again. The best moments are even when you find yourself acting like certain characters or thinking in their same phrases in your everyday life, simply because they have consumed just that much of your mind. That is the current state I have found myself in.

Friends joined Netflix the first day of this year. There are 10 Seasons, 24 episodes each, and each episode about 22 minutes long. I am currently on Season 8. That means over these past 38 days I have watched 168 episodes of Friends or 3,696 minutes. Thats about 4 episodes per day. Alright I would say that is fair to call an obsession. If thats enough to be considered an obsession to then just keep in mind that I am also a full-time student, as well as an in season Division 1 athlete, which I think brings my obsession to a whole new level considering I have little time to spare.

Ahhh the things we do for love.

Now you may be wondering ‘Whats so great about Friends that you can watch 4 episodes per day?’ Well my little glitter loving friend, let me tell you. Friends is great for many reasons but I’ll keep this short and sweet. For one: Joey Tribbiani, what an adorable Italian man. He’s hilarious as a character, and not bad to look at either, because he says the silly things that we all think but would never say out loud because we know how ridiculous we would sound, but more power to you Joey. Rachel is the entitled little princess that is subtly trying to rough it, but at the same is somehow able to score a job with Ralph Lauren just like no big deal. Monica is the perfectionist neat freak that you want to hate but you can’t because without her crazy personality half the jokes would not be as fun, and you probably wouldn’t be able to see the floor of any of their apartments. Ross is a dork, a cute one and sometimes an annoying one but he still owns his dorkiness none the less. Besides without him Chandler wouldn’t have half the jokes that make him so funny. Which brings around my favorite boy Mr.Chandler Bing. he simply just keeps me laughing, and mostly wishing that I could think of funny one liners in the moments, sainted of the next day while Im showering and realizing what I could’ve said instead. Now for last and not least: Ms.Phoebe Buffay. People often throw around this ‘spirit animal term’ not that I have much a clue what it really means, but if I had to pick one, she would be mine. For one she’s the perfect mix of yogi and ‘go-getter women’. She wears tons of rings which just rock my socks off. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind no matter how weird, funny, or even sexual it is. Goes on as many dates as she wants and totally owns it, has a little bit of badass sketchy past that you are never really sure about and of course that being normal is just boring. All together they are my little dream of friends that I would love to have if I ever moved to the big city, or really anywhere because shenanigans make great stories, and great stories lead to great friends.

So there you have it my current obsession. Maybe now you can get a little obsessed too, or at least feel better about your own current obsession (;

Hope you have a princess perfect weekend!


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