Look Who’s Back…And Then Kind of Going Again

Look who’s back and better than ever : ) Well truly I never left, just took a little break, saw some things, did some things, ate some snacks along the way, ya know how it is. Anywho I decided to create a new place to better organize not only my writings and therefore my ideas, but also my brain because I have a very short attention span.

Essentially the 4 F’s everyone should definitely give, and the four things that I really think are the center of my life: Feminism, Fitness, Food and Fun. Now its a little outside of my nature to be so demanding but you know isn happens. So here we are.

I have a link to my new blog FeFiFoFun, so if you would still like to follow me through the hilarity and adventures of my life, please bring your follow on over. (If I can bribe you with an amazing Peanut Butter Cup Recipe that is actually easy, here is your invitation, it will be up in a day or two!) But if I have to earn your follow back I completely understand! Either way the great fun, food, fitness and a dash of feminism is going to continue, and rest assured it will be lit : )

7 Thoughts We All Had During This Week’s Bachelorette

1.Derrick and Chase…wait who are you?

In every season there always a few sneakers…those who somehow make it to the end and until they pull themselves from the treachery of group dates you really never notice they are there. (But don’t always count them out @Catherine from Sean Lowe’s season, props girl)


Also I’ll just leave this here….

2.Wells felt a tingle in his heart…but isn’t that we are all looking for?

Poor nervous and anxious Wells. The underdog we all rooted for but unfortunately didn’t get past his one on one, but somehow in his own poetic, quirky Wells way gave an insight into what love really is and what we all really want: ‘a tingle in the heart’ *swoon and sigh*

3.Alex likes the drama more than Chad liked eating raw root vegetables.

In nearly every conflict you can always catch Alex sitting…watching…lurking and absorbing every ounce of the drama that is taking place. Like when JT (James Taylor) called out Jordan (PS JT you’re great and you don’t need to throw Jordan and his nice hair under the bus. You can sing and do guitar things so that’s pretty bomb.com) Alex sat there like he needed a big bowl of popcorn to go with his scotch.


4.How do you not know the meaning of the word entitled Jordan (That definitely doesn’t make you sound more entitled *eye roll*)

You are a crafty fellow Mr.Jordan. Sipping your classy wine when confronted and having perfectly quaffed hair to match a lovely jaw line, but somehow you give us all the heebyjeebies. Were not real sure why but we will find a reason sir! But either way the correct answer to an accusation of being entitled is not that you don’t know what it means. Either too many footballs to the head or your entitlement got in the way of your ‘edjumication’.

5. Luke has the face of a famous person and I will give major props to anyone who can figure out who it is.

Maybe its the country or the smolder but someone help me out, name that look-alike


Most of this season could have probably been condensed to about 5 episodes because let’s be real certain people (Erectile Dysfunction Doctor *cough*) were not going to make it to the end, and yet here we are with many weeks to go, were we have sitting and watching the inevitable of the ‘crazies and who are yous’ going home. But yet here you go acting like they are both going home, the waiting game is over and we are down to the real deal. NAY NAY says Jojo and instead keeps everyone. EVERYONE GETS ROSE!


7. Alex you can put your bitterness in the bitter box along with your sass.

Lovely Jojo just pulled a fast one and sent NO ONE home during a rose ceremony. Now maybe it’s just me, but no one really knows why you’re still here, so enjoy your rose and prep your popcorn for next weeks drama, sir.

Murphy Monday Care Package Edition

Every college student knows that the ultimate day maker (next to getting class cancelled) is getting care packages. Now given that I have the greatest mom in the world, I got a special Halloween goody box. Amongst many tricks and treats she sent me a book…All.Of.Murphy. Which brings me to my Murphy Monday this week. Of course I miss my pup everyday but, what a great treat it is to relive all our great memories through a book full of his furry face. It always makes me smile and I hope something made you smile today 🙂 


Murphy Monday: Cats are Calling

This may not be Murphy or a pup, but while away at school i needed to improvise. While going through cuddly pet withdrawl I have been making cat loving exceptions. This is Tank, a good friend of mines kitten that they adopted. 3 young adult men and a kitten, and it’s completely adorable. Love can be anywhere.  

So Obsessed Saturday: High Top Converse…Converse in General

      HighTopConverse  Perhaps one of my favorite purchases of recent, or of all time are my high top white converse. Now I know I am by no means a fashion blogger, but I am a blogger of obsessions and this is definitely one of mine. Generally speaking, converse are awesome, they are the perfect way to add edge to an outfit or to dress it down.

         I had been thinking of grabbing a pair of high tops for myself for a while, considering my black normal ones had trekked all across Europe and looked as such. So I finally splurged about two weeks ago (well maybe not splurge, but 55$ to a college student is a bit of a splurge) and got them! Needless to say I have been quite obsessed. I have worn them almost every other day, now if I didn’t see the same people everyday, I probably would’ve worn them everyday but I figured that it might be a little much.

         This has made my getting ready in the morning, far simpler, considering I am usually a hot mess after practice and looking ‘presentable’ for class is often a struggle. My new go to outfit, is my converse with leggings and oversized tshirt. (Essentially the northern girls version of the southern school typical huge tshirt and running shorts, because there is more snow that sun around here. They are also great because you can wear leggings or crop pants with them. Although this post didn’t have much advice in fashion or in life, I just wanted to share my excitement over a pair shoes, something that rarely happens 🙂

Makeshift College Cooking Part 2

Now I am no expert in the kitchen but I think my creativity does help me out a lot to make people think otherwise. Sometimes you just have to the best you can with what ya get, in and out of the kitchen. Half the time when I makeshift these interesting meals is also because I don’t want food to go bad!

This brought me to my own version of fried rice. Although I wanted the real thing, I grossly underestimated how long it takes to make rice, yeah a whole 30 minutes, and I didn’t have that kind of time. But I did have a ton of quinoa left over from a mass quinoa production that I had had the week before, and also had eggs left from pre practice banana bread that I make each week. I always have spinach left from, just my life. (I love spinach and it goes with nearly anything!)

I also found an easy way to make scrambled eggs that involve far fewer dishes. All you have to do isFriedRice slightly oil/grease, I use Pam, the inside of a mug or some other microwave safe cup; then you crack your eggs inside and microwave on medium for 1:30. Sometimes you need a little more time or a little less but ti will usually puff up, and then I just take it out and fluff them and break down the big puff with a fork. After this, it is really just became a modge-podge dish. Heating up all your favorite things and throwing them in a bowl together. This particular time I had spinach, chicken (drained from the can), eggs, carrots, chickpeas and qunoia all together. Then I top it all off with olive oil, salt and pepper (my absolutely favorite ‘dressing’). Sometimes the best versions of dishes are the ones where you make them your own! One of my favorite things about mode-podge meals is that it helps motivate me to only keep healthy foods in the cupboards. The more healthy foods and options you have a the hand the less yo have to stress about tailoring what you are making! Happy cooking 🙂

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay

        What a special day for all coffee lover and caffeine connoisseurs. How special of a world to live in that we have a whole day just appreciate coffee. Now I couldn’t really call myself your typical coffee drinker. I don’t drink it for the caffeine or because I love the taste of coffee, but rather I drink it only when I can’t taste it. The only kind I have really had the courage to try is from Dunkin Donuts and with some sort of flavoring, my current favorite is Vainalle Swirl, as well as it over ice.

The best way to enjoy iced coffee is also with your best bud :)

The best way to enjoy iced coffee is also with your best bud 🙂

        As many of you know, I am a huge tea drink (even more so after my time in England, literally the motherland of tea) but I have slowly found my way to a concoction of iced coffee that I actually enjoy. The Dunkin Donuts near my school is funded almost 100% by our school, we don’t have Starbucks so this is the “basic girl” equivalent. This Dunkin is quite special as well, because my usual order here is not my usual order at home. When I ask for a  medium vanilla swirl iced coffee with cream and sugar, I don’t get one cream and one sugar, but rather three. This I didn’t realize for quite sometime, until I went home and tried the same order at my local Dunkin, and when I drank it I COULD ACTUALLY TASTE COFEE…not my fave.

        But then I began to think about how much sugar I was actually consuming by getting three creams AND three sugars in my weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, coffee run. One of the biggest tips on health and fitness that I ever received was to not drink your calories and sugar, and sugar is more of my concern as I have a major sweet tooth. So my healthy tip for my fellow coffee drinkers out there is this. Now my bi-weekly treat of iced coffee still comes over ice, along some vanilla swirl flavoring, but instead of cream I get skim milk and instead of sugar I just have the sweetened version of the vanilla swirl. Sometimes I even switch out skim milk for almond, if Im feeling a little crazy (haha)

        I hope these tips have helped you, and you were able to enjoy your national coffee day!

As someone who stays away from anything that tastes too coffee like, its quite the alternative and I feel much better about having it! What are some of your favorite ways to make your favorite morning pick-me-ups a little better for you?

#MurphyMonday Life Can Get Messy

Monday’s often get a bad rap as the worst day of the week. But sometimes it takes a little reminder that every day is very special and every day truly is a gift. Our pets teach us many lessons, but one of my favorites that I learned from Murphy was to have a sense of humor. On this particular Monday this summer I had given him a Frosty Paw (an ice cream cup for dogs) and left him alone for nearly two seconds when I came back to find this. I couldn’t help but laugh and to this day I still can’t help but laugh. Life can be messy and complicated and million other ways we choose to make it, but at the end of each day if you can find something to laugh or smile about, you have truly appreciated the gift that was given to you that day. I hope you all found a gift today. Happy Murphy Monday!